Sphatik Crystal Gayatri - 116 gms


INR 11,600


This idol made in Sphatik (clear crystal Quartz) features Goddess Gayatri in Her divine form.

Goddess Gayatri is the Universal Mother, Who personifies quest for wisdom and knowledge which enlightens the soul. She is the Deity of the divine and powerful Gayatri mantra. In this idol, She is featured with five heads, each presenting the five prana namely Samana, Prana, Apana, Vyana and Udana. She is holding a Rudraksha rosary in Her lower right hand and pot in His lower left hand and holds weapons in Her upper arms. Installing Goddess Gayatri idol at home or place of business bestows good health, bliss and wealth, peace of mind, spiritual power and protection from outwardly spirits. Made in Sphatik, the idol provides protects from negative energies and outwardly spirits. It dispels stress from the surrounding and spiritual cleanses the aura. Meditating upon the idol helps harmonise all seven Chakras, increases spiritual power and balances energies of the Crown Chakra. The idol with clear radiance of Sphatik, can be placed in puja altar, study or work desk or in living area.

Height: 2.5 inches
Base dimension: 1.5 (L) x 1.2 (B) inches
Weight: 116 gms