Sphatik Crystal Shivling Pendant


INR 1,500


This beautiful shivling pendant is finely carved in pure Crystal gemstone attached to a silver holder connected to a loop to facilitate easy wearing.

This pendant is generally worn by Shaivaits as the power of the lingam improves the overall health and stimulates the energy system of the entire body. It also brings peace, harmony and spiritual grace in their life.

Shiva lingam is the holy symbol of union of Lord Shiva and Shakti. Lord Shiva from time immemorial has been worshipped in the form of linga or lingam. The word linga means symbol or sign. This is a visible symbol of Nirguna Brahman (the Supreme Being) and is present in all the living beings.

Sphatik is the purest and most auspicious gem in the world. Shivaling which is made of sphatik does not need "pran pratishtha" before worshipping. It never gets impure (ashuddha). Worshiping a sphatik shivling is considered to have same effect as worshiping the the "Jyotirlingas". It bring prosperity, happiness and contentment to the householders where it is worshipped.

Height of shivling: 22 mm
Base Diameter of shivling: 22 mm
Weight of shivling: 6 gms
Silver used: approx. 4 gms