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Star Pyramid in Lapis Lazuli - Set of 3 - 22 gms


INR 550


The set of 3, Star Pyramids are crafted neatly from natural Lapis Lazuli Gemstone and bring high vibration, positive energies. The Star Pyramid is made of two Pyramids, one upright and the other inverted, forming a 8 pointed, three dimensional star structure. The Pyramid by itself is a powerhouse of positivity and therefore the Star Pyramid is doubly beneficial for clearing negative energies. It is used for clearing aura, and is excellent for meditating and healing. It can be kept at home or work table, study table, living room etc.

The attractive Blue colour Lapis Lazuli Gemstone is a stone which helps in clear expression and communication, enhances intuitive and psychic abilities and creativity. It brings wisdom, calmness, helps to release anxiety, is good for improving existing relationship with spouse/partner, draws new friends and is known as a stone of fidelity.

The qualities of Lapis Lazuli Gemstone add to the benefits of the Star Pyramid and makes it a must have tool for amplifying energies. It is especially recommended for Healers, Psychics and those who are hesitant in communicating or want to improve communication skills. Keeping the Lapis Lazuli Star Pyramid and meditating on it improves focus, creative visualization and self awareness. It keeps the space in high vibration, helps to get relief from tiredness and brings positive thoughts and attitude.

Buy the Star Pyramid in Lapis Lazuli for yourself and for gifting to your loved ones.