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Stotramaalaa - Set of 2 Volume

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Stotramaalaa - Set of 2 Volume

INR 140.00
Stotramaalaa - Set of 2 Volume
INR 140.00


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Published by: M. B. Publsihers

Stotramaalaa I Contains:
Shree Ganaesha Stotraani - Shree Ganaesha Stutihi, Ganaesha Pancharatna Stotram, Shree Gananaayakaashtakam, Shree Ganaesha bhujanga Stotram, Shree Sankatanaashana Ganaesha Stotram, Shree Rnahara Ganaesha Stotram.
Shree Subrahmanya Stotraani - Shree Svaaminaatha Shatka Stotram, Shree Subrahmanya Pancharatnam, Shree Subrahmanya Ashtakam, Svaaminaatha Karaavalamba Stotram, Shree Subrahmanya-Bhujanga-Stotram.
Shree Shiva Stotraani -Shree Mahaeshvara Praataha Smarana Pancharatna Stotram, Shree Shivapanchaakshara Stotram, Shree Maargabandhu Stotram, Shree Shiva Panchaaksharee Stotram, Shree Mahaa Mrutyunjaya Stotram, Shree Vaidyanaathaashtakam, Shree Chandrashaekhara Stotram, Lingaashtakam, Bilvaashtakam, Shivapanchaakshara Nakshatramaalaa Stotram.
Shree Dakshinaamoorti Stotraani - Shree Dakshinaamoorti Pancharatna Stotram, Shree Dakshinaamoorti Stotram, Shree Dakshinaamoorti Ashtakam.
Shree Vishnu Stotraani - Shree Vaenkataesha Suprabhaatam, Shree Vaenkataesha Stotram, Shree Vaenkataesha Prapattihi, Shree Vaenkataesha Mangalaashaasanam, Vaenkataesha Stotram (Naarayanateertha Virachita), Aapaduddhaaraka-Raama Stotram, Shree Raama Pancharatnam, Shree Raamachandraashtakam, Shree Krishnaashtakam, Shree Baalamukundaashtakam, Shree Guruvaatapureesha Pancharatnam, Shree Guruvaatapureesha Kaeshaadi Paadaanta Varnanam, Shree Vaatapura Naathaashtakam, Shree Madhuraashtakam, Shree Rnavimochana Nrisimha Stotram, Shree Lakshmee Nrisimha Karaavalamba Stotram, Shree Ranganaathaashtakam, Shree Sudarshana-Shatkam, Shree Sudarshanaashtakam, Shree Lakshmeehayagreeva Pancharatnam.
Shree Hanoomat Stotraani - Shree Aanjanaeya Stutihi, Shree Hanoomat Pancharatnam, Shree Hanoomat Ashtakam, Shree Hanumaan Chaaleesaa.
Shree Iyyappa Stotraani - Shree Shaastaa Dashakam, Shree Shaastaa Ashtakam.
Shree Navagraha Stotraani - Navagraha Stotram, Shree Aaditya-Hrudaya Stotram, Dasharathakurta Shanaishchara Stotram, Navagraha Gaayatree, Kolaru Thiruppadam (Tamil Text Transliterated to English), Songs on Navagraha (Tamil Text Transliterated to English).

Stotramaalaa II Contains:
Shree Daevee Stotraani - Shree Gaayatree Stotraani, Shree Daevee Kavacham, Shree Sowndaryalaharee, Shree Tripurasundaree Ashtakam Stotram, Shree Lalitaa Pancharatnam, Shree Ambaa Pancharatnam, Shree Raajaraajaeshwaree Ashtakam, Shree Bhuvanaeshvaree Pancharatna Stuitihi, Shree Meenaakshee Pancharatnam, Shree Meenaakshee Stotram, Shree Annapoornaa-Stotram, Shree Mookaambikaa Stotram, Shree Navamangala Stotram, Shree Shyaamalaa-Dandakam, Shree Kaamaakshee Stotram.
Shree Durgaa Stotraani - Shree Durgaa Kavacham, Shree Durgaa Saptashlokee, Aapaduddhaaraka Shree Durgaa Stotram, Shree Mahishaasuramardinee Stotram, Shree Daevee Mahaatmyam (Main Shlokaas).
Shree Lakshmee Stotraani - Shree Kanakadhaaraa Stotram, Shree Varalakshmee Geetam, Shree Mahalakshmee Stutihi, Shree Ashtalakshmee Stotram, Shree Mahalakshmee Stotram, Shree Mahalakshmee Ashtakam.
Shree Sarasvatee Stotraani - Shree Sarasvatee Dvaadashanaam Stotram, Shree Sarasvatee Stotram, Shree Shaaradaa

Dimension of Stotramaalaa I :
Dimension: 7.5" (H) X 5" (W)
Depth: 17mm
Binding: Hardbound
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 288

Dimension of Stotramaalaa II :
Dimension: 7" (H) X 4.75" (W)
Depth: 7mm
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 168

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