Surya Chikista


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Surya Chikista is closely related to sun because it is the only star, which from the time of its inception has been affecting and attracting us. The book is a guide to cure various diseases-viz. cancer, diabetes, malaria, jaundice, gout, paralysis etc. through sunrays and colours. The salient feature of this school of treatment is that it is fully natural and easy to follow. The book highlights the significance of sound, colours, applicability of spiritualism and ayurveda, asanas, pranayam and gem therapy in Surya Chikitsa.

Surya Chikitsa is a mixed up version of science, nature & spirituality. Surya Chikitsa is totally different from Allopathic, Ayurvedic & Homeopatihic systems of medicine. This is practiced through sun-rays of omnipotent sun, the source of unbound energy and much attention is paid to food during course of treatment with this system.

This book deals with Surya Chikitsa i e Solar Therapy or Sun Therapy. This is the English version of Hindi book on this subject. There is a spectrum of various colours which are closely related to each moment of our life. Human being is a mass of colours. Our voice is coloured and our thought is also coloured. It seems quite astonishing that even our ailments are also coloured. As a piece of iron cuts another piece of iron, similarly coloured diseases can also be treated by coloures only.

No. of pages: 168
Format: Paperback
Language: English

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