Surya Face in Crystal - 25 gms


INR 1,625


An admirable Surya Face carved from Crystal Gemstone, with perfection, brings several benefits to the dwelling and inmates. Surya or Sun is the source of life, the nurturing energy, ‘Pranadata’, and is revered and worshipped as Surya Dev(Sun God). He is also a planet of the Navagraha, as per Vedic Astrology. The Surya face is carved neatly with eyes, nose, mouth and rays. Crystal or Clear Quartz is very popular as a Master Healer stone which amplifies energies. The Surya face in Crystal brings the combined benefits of both Surya Dev and Crystal, when installed at home or office.

Sun/Surya bestows power, wisdom, stamina, good health, prosperity, growth, name, fame, enhances leadership qualities, brilliance, heals diseases and helps to shine in life.

Crystal Gemstone amplifies the qualities of Surya and radiates it in the space. Crystal or Clear Quartz brings calmness, clarity, clear negative energies from the space and brings positivity, enhances focus and concentration, stimulates spiritual growth and connection with Divine realm.

The meritorious Surya Face in Crystal is a must buy for its merits of peace, wealth, prosperity, positive aura, clarity, growth in all aspects of life and brilliant blessings of Surya Dev.

Weight: 25 gms
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Depth: 11 mm