Surya Face in Crystal - 50 gms


INR 3,250


An attractive Surya Face hand crafted perfectly in 100% natural Crystal Quartz Gemstone, depicts the face of Surya Dev or Lord Sun. The facial features are neatly carved, with a pleasant smile and tilak. The rays of the Sun are stylishly carved around the circumference. The Surya face in Crystal Quartz gemstone is meritorious and brings the combined effect of Lord Surya's blessings and the benefits of the gemstone. This artefact can be placed in the Puja Alter, in the North-East direction of dwelling, on work/study table and can be carried with self for its benefits.

Surya/Sun is the life giver and our conscious mind. Lord Surya bestows good health, will- power, stamina, strength, power, success, money, name, fame, brilliance, sharp intellect and radiant personality. Crystal Quartz Gemstone is popular for its property of clearing negative energies and purifying the atmosphere. It brings tranquillity, positivity, holds the vibrations of Mantra chanting.

The Surya Face in Crystal is a must buy for everyone for energy, good health, power, success in endeavours, enhancing confidence, courage, overcoming challenges, clarity of mind, positive attitude, prosperity, promotion and peace. It can be helpful for students for enhancing intellect and memory power and performing well in exams. The Surya Face in Crystal can serve as a great gift for loved ones.

Weight: 50 gms
Diameter: 2.3 inches
Depth: 12 mm

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