The Power of Rudraksha


INR 399

INR 275


Authored by: Kamal Narayan Seetha (A leading rudaraksha therapist)
Published by: Jaico Books
Language: English

Details: A Guide to the Holy Bead and its Healing properties

Inhouse publication of Rudra Centre written by K. N. Seetha detailing everything you ever wanted to know about Rudraksha.

This volume is a treasure trove for all who wish to buy and wear the Rudraksha or desire to know more about the bead.

About this Book:
  • A comprehensive book & practical guide on Rudraksha.
  • Analytical approach to understand Rudraksha.
  • The science of Rudraksha
  • Identification of rudraksha
  • Medicinal properties of Rudraksha
  • How to choose Rudraksha and power combination
  • Number of Rudraksha to be worn
  • Astrological view point
  • Rudraksha wearing and worshipping
  • Rudraksha mala and meditation
  • Rudraksha, Pranayam and Yog
  • Original texts of Puranas and Shastras references

  • About the author:
    Kamal Narayan Seetha, Industrialist and an entrepreneur, has researched the spiritual and curative properties of the Rudraksha for decades.Today he is an authority on the wonder bead and continues to popularise the bead.