Thirteen Mukhi from Java Indonesia - Small - LXXVIII


INR 1,800

INR 1,800

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13 mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Kamadeva, the cupid or God of Love. It helps learn the lesson that Kamadeva teaches a person which is to discriminate illusions from reality. Under wrong definitions a person goes in illusions and nonfulfillment. Thus if a person seeks a job for money instead of living his true potential, or food for taste instead of nutrition or money for pleasure and not for sustenance, he goes into a loop of addiction that does not allow his desire to manifest. 13 mukhi aligns a person to the right Intent for his actions and aids fulfillment. Thus this powerful Rudraksha for attraction manifests your worldly materialistic desires and gives deep fulfillment.

Siddhas use this Rudraksha to awaken Siddhies and raise Kundalini energy which happens when Maya or illusions are harnessed.

Benefits: Manifestation of materialistic desires
Ruling God: Kamadeva
Ruling Planet: Moon, Venus

Origin: Java
Bead Size: 15 mm

Stringing Instructions

The exact bead shown in above picture would be sent to you.