Tiger Eye Ganesha - 1.739 kgs


INR 34,760


This auspicious Ganesh Idol has been meticulously hand-sculpted in natural Tiger eye gemstone that promotes qualities of courage, will power, inner strength and attracts good luck. . Shining in shifting shades of brown and black and resonating with divinity, the Idol promotes additional qualities of the gemstone, making it a thoughtful spiritual gift. Gleaming eloquently with ecstasy, this Idol features Lord Ganesha gracefully seated on a dice, beautifully adorned with ornaments. The divine mount by His side, holding goad & axe and delicacy in His left hand and raised right hand in a blessing pose.

Ganesha is the God of prosperity, good luck and success. Known as the Vighnaharta, Ganesha removes obstacles and blesses His devotees with prosperity and fortune. Ganesha also signifies wisdom, knowledge and abundance. Lord Ganesha is invoked before the commencement of anything significant and for this reason, he is called the Lord of Beginnings. He is considered as the supreme deity among Gods and all rituals begin with Ganesha's worship.

It is believed that once Lord Shiva wasn’t able to defeat the demon Tripurasura because he had not prayed to Lord Ganesha before embarking on His mission. He realized this and prayed to Ganesha and defeated Tripurasura. The Puranas state that by worshipping Ganesha, one can reduce the malefic effects of planets and other Graha Doshas. Praying to Lord Ganesha brings success, happiness, prosperity and also removes the obstacles in one’s path.

Tiger Eye Gemstone Benefits:

  • Provides support, stability and harmony
  • Gives protection and enhances courage
  • Attracts luck and abundance
  • Enhances willpower and inner-vision
  • It enhances mind focus and improves brain power

  • A perfect example of meticulous craftsmanship, this divine Idol resonates dual benefit of deity blessings and gemstone benefits. It is Ideal to place this Ganesha Tiger Eye idol in the puja altar, on the study table, near the entrance or at the workstations, for prosperity, success and all round happiness.

    Height: 7 inches
    Base Dimension: 5 (L) X 2.5 (B) Inches
    Weight: 1.739 kgs