Tiger Eye Ganesha - 931 gms


INR 18,625


Powerful Idol of Ganesha in natural Tiger eye's. Ganesha deity is worshipped for Siddhi (success in undertaking) and buddhi (intelligence). He is the God of education, knowledge, wisdom, literature and the fine arts. His worship removes malefics of planets Mars and Ketu. The auspicious god has the power to control the occult forces that bring disaster upon humankind.

In this Idol, He is finely carved in natural Tiger eye which is a Gemstone of Ketu whose Lordship He is assigned to. Tigers eye is a stone for courage, strength, will and personal power. It enhances grounding and stability and is considered a good luck stone. Ideally placed in Altar or on work desk or study desk. When installed in the South West portion of room, He enhances personal and professional stability.

Height: 5.9 inches
Base Dimension: 3.6" (L) X 2" (W)
Weight: 931 gms