Tiger Eye Ganesha - 170 gms - I


INR 3,400


An attractive Lord Ganesha idol dexterously carved in natural Tiger Eye Gemstone, depicts Lord Ganesha with His lower right hand raised in blessing mode, assuring of His support and protection. The neat craftsmanship justifies the natural beauty of Tiger Eye stone. Lord Ganesha is revered as Vignaharta, the God who removes obstacles, difficulties and bestows success in endeavours, prosperity, wisdom, intellect and fulfils wishes of devotees.

Tiger Eye Gemstone compliments the Divine qualities of Lord Ganesha. The Gemstone ushers good luck, enhances will power, provides courage to face adversities, removes fear, protects from negative energies.

The Tiger Eye Ganesha is desirable for installing in Puja Alter, near the entrance of home/office, Living room for ushering auspiciousness, good luck, prosperity, mental clarity and strength, inspiration to stay in one's own power and abundant blessings of Lord Ganapati. Meditate on the Tiger Eye Ganesha idol for improving focus, eliminating fears and phobias and moving ahead with confidence.

Height: 2.6 inches
Base Dimension: 1.7 (L) x 1.5 (B) inches
Weight: 170 gms