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Tiger Eye Lingam - 248 gms


INR 5,704


The lustrous Tiger Eye Lingam in shades of brown is smoothly carved from 100% natural Tiger Eye stone. The Dark Brown hue of the Lingam with circular patterns in Light Brown is striking. The Lingam is the abstract representation of Lord Shiva, signifying His infinite nature, in which everything that exists will dissolve at the end of creation. Devotees worship the Shivalingam in temples and dwellings by performing Abhishekham to garner Lord Shiva's blessings.

The Puranas mention that worshipping Gemstone Lingams are meritorious to worship as they possess high vibration frequency augmented by Lord Shiva's powers.

Tiger Eye Gemstone connects one to Mother Earth and brings grounding and balance, releases fear and bestows courage, will power and good health, enhances focus, self confidence and ushers prosperity and spiritual growth. Install this in a yoni base made of silver, brass or gemstone. When worshipped the Tiger Eye Lingam empowers you with Lord Shiva's blessings and the qualities of the Tiger Eye Gemstone.

Height: 3.1 inches
Centre Diameter: 1.9 inches
Weight: 248 gms