Maha Ganesha Idol in Tiger Eye Stone


INR 2,55,000


This idol of Lord Ganesha carved on a single piece of Tiger eye gemstone with extreme care is one of the most magnificent representations of the Lord. This combination of Lord Ganesh who rules planet Ketu made in tiger eye that also represents Ketu, makes it a powerful magnet for wealth attraction. Depicting Ganesha in Chaturbhuj form with special emphasis on the finer details to depict physical features, embellishment, and other facets, it truly looks life-like. Elevated on a beautifully designed base and seated on a pedestal, Ganesh in this idol has His right hand in a blessing pose and holds a Modak, a delicacy in His left palm while holding weapons in His upper arms. His attendant, Mushak (mouse) is sculpted at the base.

Resonating grounding energies of the gemstone in addition to blessings of the Deity, this idol is highly beneficial for those beginning a new venture of business, especially for the first time. The idol promotes energies of grounding, emotional stability, good fortune, harmony, protection from negative energies, spiritual advancement, wisdom, and success. Meditating upon the idol would have a healing effect on the Root Chakra. With the shimmering sheen of Tiger eye adding to its beauty, this idol would make a breath-taking divinely addition to your décor when placed in the living area, lobby, office space, or place of business.

Height: 16 inches
Base Dimension: 10.5 (L) x 3.5 (W) inches
Weight: approx. 16.320 Kgs