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Tiger Eye Turtle (Kurma) - 53 gms


INR 1,075


This Kurma is sculpted out of single Tigers Eye natural gemstone (stone of strength, willpower, and courage). Kurma, an avatar of Lord Vishnu Who incarnated to provide support during Samudra Manthan thus symbolises stability, support, steadiness and reliability. Kurma and Tiger eye both being associated with stability, an aspect related to Lord Shani makes this idol highly effective in pacifying the malefic of the planet. Installing this Kurma in living room, at the work desk, at the office table, or at the reception area of your office or house is sure to bring you good fortune, bliss, support and harmony.

Direction: Place the Kurma such that the mouth of the tortoise faces West direction.

Height: 15.83 mm
Length: 60.49 mm
Width: 39.45 mm
Weight: 53 gms