Tirumalai Balaji in Blue Sapphire - 440 Carats


INR 15,400


This is a powerful idol of Tirupati Balaji in natural Blue Sapphire emitting power rays to the worshippers. 

It is said that Lord Kubera credited money to the god Venkateshwara (a form of the god Vishnu) for his marriage with Padmavati. In remembrance of this, the devotees going to Tirupati donate money in Venkateshwara's Hundi, so that he can repay Kubera. 

By the grace of Lord Balaji, the impossible things are made possible and the delighted people want to thank him.

Blue Sapphire is an extremely powerful stone. If it proves conducive for a person, it can bless one with immense good luck, wealth and prosperity, and grant unexpected riches & sudden financial gains. Blue Sapphire also protects from misfortunes, accidents, unexpected & natural calamities, and guards one from unforeseen risks & dangers. This Gem stone guard’s one from all evil, purifies the mind and increase flow of positive energy and thought. It is specially recommended for protection. 

This idol is best kept to appease the  Shani (Saturn) God. It is a powerful Spiritual Gift for any devotee of Balaji. 

Height: 2.5 Inches
Base: 1.8" (L) X 0.6" (W) Inches
Weight: 88 gms / 440 Carats