Vaishnavi Devi


INR 4,750


Vaishnavi Devi started gaining importance from the tretayuga, when the three devi's namely, MAHAKALI, MAHALAKSHMI AND MAHASARASWATI were born out of the intelligence of all the deities, symbolizing Rajas, Tamas and Sattvic gunas. These three goddesses collectively were blessed and directed towards the Trikuta hill by Lord Rama, the ninth Avatara of Vishnu. Thus blessed, these three goddesses are collectively called Mata Vaishno or Mata Vaishnavi Devi. As she stays on Trikuta hill, in some legends she has been reffered to by the name 'Trikutaa'. It is due to the blessings of Lord Rama that the abode of Vaishno Devi is gaining importance in this Kaliyuga. He will be incarnated as Kalki and will come to Trikuta Mountain to marry her. It is for this divine union that Mata Vaishnavi is waiting for Vishnu on the Trikuta hill.

Vaishnavi Devi is said to be the giver of strength to weak, eyes to the blind, education to the un-educated, wealth to the poors, child to the childless and fulfills all the wishes of her devotees. Worshipping in Navratra is considered to be of great importance.

People believe that whoever worships Mata with full faith and devotion all his wishes get fulfilled.

In this Idol, Mata Vaishnavi devi is sitting on Her vehicle, The Lion with all the weapons in hands to protect her worshippers from evil.

Design: Made in Heavy Shining Brass.
Height: 7.7 inches
Base Dimension: 5 (L) x 2.20 (W) inches
Weight: 1.520 kgs