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Varaha Shaligram - IV


INR 4,100


This 100% original Varaha Shaligram stone from Gandaki Kali River in Nepal represents Lord Varaha. He is a divine manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Shaligram are powerful stones naturally found in Gandaki river and each stone is unique with different naturally formed pattern. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Varaha to rescue the Earth which was stolen and submerged. Thus, signifying upliftment mind which is submerged in worldly troubles. This Varaha Shaligram is worshipped for spiritual awakening, happiness, austerity, wealth and welfare in life. It also protects from negative energies and helps one become more spiritually aware and brings positive transformation to self.

The sacred Shaligram stone is worshipped at home as representation of Lord Vishnu Himself. It ideally bestows six values in one’s life which is protection, good health, spiritual growth, wealth, righteous living and pleasures. Shaligram is worshipped through the ritual of Abhishek where the sacred stone is offered water with Tulsi and holy items like cow milk, sugar, ghee, honey and curd.

Height: 3.3 inches
Length: 2.2 Inches
Width: 1 Inches
Weight: 179 gms