Varahi Marble Idol


INR 39,000


The divine idol in marble with gold foil work features Goddess Varahi seated in Lalitasana pose, the royal position. Her lower right hand is in Abhayam mudra, the gesture of assurance of protection and lower left hand is in Varad mudra, the boon conferring gesture. His upper arms are seen holding weapons like Chakra, Conch, plough, pestle and other weapons. The folds of draped sari have been neatly carved by the artisan. Goddes Varahi is One of the Matrika Goddess and feminine equivalent of Lord Varaha. She is depicted as Goddess having human body and face of bore. She is worshipped for blessings of prosperous life and destruction of enemies.

Height: Approx. 12.6 inches
Base Dimension: Approx. 9 (L) x 3.7 (W) Inches
Weight: Approx. 9.970 Kgs