Vishwaroopa Shankh


INR 51,000


This natural Conch shell is very auspicious and special due to hand carving of Lord Vishnu Vishwaroopa. The intricate fine carving and the complexity of the surface of the large sized shell makes it a collector’s delight. The neat floral designs add to the beauty of the shell. Vishwaroopa, also known as Virat Rupa represents the omnipresent aspect of God. Worshipping Vishwaroopa bestows divine grace in the path of your dharma and helps surrender one’s ego. Place the Shankh in puja altar with its point directing towards the Deity idol or image.

A Shankh which is used for puja and Abhishek rituals of Deity idols is filled with water before the puja followed by ritualistic worship of Shankh with sandal paste, Tulsi leaves and flowers. Worshipping the Shankh helps stimulate the divinity of the Shankh. After the worship the water filled in Shankh is sprinkled on puja articles and the performer of puja for sanctification or used for Abhishek ritual.

Dimension: 9 (H) x 5 (W) inches
Weight: 1.150 Kgs