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Wealth Bracelet


INR 41,750

INR 39,575

INR 30,695

INR 28,520

INR 57,200

INR 55,025


Origin: Nepal

Configuration: Bracelet of 7 mukhi, 9 mukhi, 11 mukhi and 13 mukhi rudraksha made in silver basket.

A combination that attracts wealth, abundance and opportunities related to finance. It bestows the wearer with wisdom, self-confidence, fearlessness and dynamism to materialize and make the most of the financial opportunities. The power of Mahalaxmi, Nav Durga, Kamdev and 11 Rudras help attract wealth, prosperity and luck. 7 mukhi invokes Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth, 9 mukhi invokes Goddess Durga for positivity and endurance, 11 mukhi blesses wearer with material abundance and 13 mukhi helps in fulfillment of desires.


  • Makes wearer positive, courageous and confident
  • Destroys sins, fear and worries
  • Removes miseries, misfortune and bad luck
  • Attracts new opportunities, luck, abundance and materialistic comforts
  • For businessmen, servicemen and public administrators who aspire to achieve greater success

  • Therapeutic benefits: Helps regulate functioning of digestive and nervous system and improves immunity.

    Design: Made in pure sterling silver with platinum rhodium plating for long lasting silver finish.

    Bead size: Rudraksha are available in many sizes and grouped in regular, small and large sizes. For Java variety, J represent regular size, JS is small and JL is large.
    For Nepal variety, N denotes regular size, NS small and NL is large size. In terms of long term effect, there is not much difference. In short term, larger sizes seem to work faster due to large surface area. Choice of size selection depends on the personal choice of the wearer.

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