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White Snowflake Obsidian Ball - 1.21 kgs


INR 7,600


This charming spherical ball made of single piece of white snowflake obsidian gemstone placed on wooden stand. Perfectly crafted in spherical shape, the round shape of ball represents wholeness, unity and infinite nature of universal energy. Unlike healing pendants which emit focused energies, it emits grounding and cleansing energies of the gemstone in all directions equally. It can be used as object of focus during meditation or placed in placed in South-West direction of room for harmonizing and energizing the surrounding. It can be placed on body for acupressure, massages, relaxation, healing imbalances of Chakras and for emotional and spiritual cleansing and charging. White snowflake obsidian promotes truth, balance, acceptance, calmness and initiates new ideas to enhance one’s life. Its strong grounding energies bring balance and dispel stagnant, dull and stressful energies.

Diameter: 3.8 inches
Weight: 1210 gms