Yellow Citrine - 16.20 carats - Cushion


INR 6,480


With hexagon crystalizing property, high clarity and high luster, Yellow citrine gemstone looks very alluring. Its name was derived from French word 'citron' which meant 'lemon'. . It is found mostly in Spain, Brazil and Bolivia. Historically a rarely found gemstone it was believed to provide the wearer protection from skin diseases.

  • Yellow Citrine increases mental clarity, optimism in life and heightens intelligence.
  • Yellow Citrine helps heal indigestion and cures ailments relating to liver and intestine.
  • Yellow Citrine creates tranquil and positive energies, helps deepen meditation and attracts good luck, prosperity, wealth and success.
  • It helps reduce stress, anxiety, fears, dullness and increases self-confidence, hope, liveliness, courage and makes an individual flexible and tolerant. Read More

    Quality: Flawless
    Color: Yellow Golden
    Shape: Cushion
    Luster: Excellent
    Origin: Brazil
    Dimension: approx. 21 x 14 x 9 mm
    Price per carat: Rs 400

    Certificate will be provided.

    Wear on ring finger only for full results. Alternatively wear this as a bracelet/pendant.

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