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Yellow Jade Gaja Lakshmi with set of 2 Elephants


INR 67,950


Enchanting Idols of Gaja Lakhmi brilliantly crafted in 100% natural Yellow Jade gemstone makes a perfect divine adornment for every dwelling. Enriched with fine artistic hand paintwork and Meenakari artwork, the beauty of idols would immerse the viewer in a total experience of divinity. The lifelike facial attributes of Goddess and the distinctive rich golden artwork on each elephants, display the artistic brilliance of the traditional craftsman. Gaja Lakshmi is portrayed as a Goddess with two elephants by Her sides, symbolically bathing Her as She sits on the lotus, adorning Her favorite red sari in rich design and jewels, holding two lotuses, while Her other two arms are in abhaya and varada mudras.

Goddess Lakhmi is exalted in Gaja Lakhmi form as personification of abundance, prosperity, strength, nobility, power, tolerance and self-control. The cheerful qualities of the yellow Jade complement well with the blessings of Goddess and bring luck, balance and good health and attract new opportunities. The idol is ideal for those, who seek rank and power to rule over own domain be it spiritual of material.

Dimensions of Laxmi Idol:-
Height: 8 Inches
Base Dimension: 6 (L) x 3.7 (B) Inches
Weight: 2.990 Kgs

Dimensions of Elephants:-
Height of Each Elephant: Approx. 6.95 Inches
Length of Each Elephant: Approx. 8 Inches
Width of Each Elephant: Approx. 4 Inches
Weight of both Elephants: 5.810 Kgs

Total Weight of Set: 8.800 Kgs