Yellow Jade Gemstone Bowl - 55 gms


INR 1,360.00


This beautiful bowl is made of 100% natural Yellow Jade gemstone. Gemstones possess energies and they form the medium to connect between the earth and the celestial powers. Jade gemstone is considered to be very auspicious since ancient times and is believed to bless anything that it comes in contact with. The yellow Jade is a stone that promotes energies that are exuberant and zestful. It is also known as a stone of assimilation and discrimination. You can use this bowl to present sweet offerings to deity during prayers. You can also store puja samagri in this bowl. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Yellow Jade also helps to attract money offers protection against accidents and misfortunes. Make your puja auspicious and fill your house with the positive vibrations this stone offers.

Height: 1.2 inches
Top Diameter: 2.4 inches
Weight: 55 gms