Your Stars and Married Life


INR 315


Authored by: N. S. Dahiya
Published by: Sagar Publications

Details: Your Stars and Married Life (A Panorama).

Astrology, the ancient subject of studying laws of nature and their influence on human being and all that is concerned with human life, is a very deep subject and of no less importance than medical science or any other subject. A person with a sound understanding of principles of astrology if sincerely guides the querist or the person approaching him for consultation, can render a very useful service to the society, where as, on the other hand, it provides an open ground to those practising astrologers, who are more interested in encashing the opportunity, as charlatantry practice have become rampant.

The renowned scientist 'Newton' is quoted to have said "Science is like a vast ocean and I am like a little boy playing on its shore and collecting prettiest shells and smoothest pebbles lay all undiscovered before me." The same holds true for Astrology also. We have achieved a lot in medical science, yet much more remains to be done before the word "Perfect" can be used.

Mr. Dahiya have tried to put the matter in simplest way and trust it will serve a good purpose.

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