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About 8 mukhi Ganesh Mala

What is 8 mukhi Rudraksha Ganesh mala?

When the 8 mukhi Rudraksha beads are strung together in the combination of 32+1, 54+1 or 108+1 it is known as the Ganapati mala or the Ganesh Rudraksha mala.

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide range of 8 mukhi Ganesh mala online at the best price. You can buy the Ganesh mala you like from the wide display of 8 mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha mala we have displayed on our website. The original 8 mukhi Rudraksha price varies depending upon the number of beads, stringing option, size of bead and type of bead.

Benefits & Importance of wearing 8 mukhi Ganesh mala?

  • The 8 mukhi Rudraksha Ganesh mala paves the way for growth in career and professional life and thus offers success in all undertakings.
  • It removes all the obstacles that hinder growth.
  • Chanting over the eight mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha mala also removes all the vices of misfortune and miseries and makes the wearer energetic and alert.
  • It removes dullness and lethargy.
  • The 8 mukhi Ganesh mala helps to pacify the malefic of planet Ketu.
  • It blesses the wearer with enhanced wisdom.
  • It boosts confidence and offers the courage to initiate.
  • It helps to increase the connection with Lord Ganesh.
  • Offers growth, stability and enhances the will power of the wearer.
  • The 8 mukhi Ganapati mala attracts positivity, happiness and overall bliss.
  • It sharpens the skills by making the wearer focused and thus it is known to be a great aid to students and other professionals whose nature of work involves brain stimulation.
  • Offers relief from bone pain and leg joint pain and offers great relief from arthritis.
  • The Ganesh Rudraksha mala helps to balance and maintain the functions of musculoskeletal system.
  • It helps to reduce obesity.

From where did 8 mukhi Ganesh mala originate?

The Rudraksha beads were first born out of the tears that rolled down of Lord Shiva’s eyes. It is said that wherever the tears of Lord Shiva fell on Earth, a Rudraksha tree grew. Today, there are two authentic places from where the Rudrakshas are sourced. Genuine and great quality Rudrakshas are found only in Nepal and Java. Thus, top quality, original 8 mukhi Rudraksha beads are found only in Nepal and Java. There are other places too where similar looking beads are found but those are not Rudrakshas, those are Bhadrakshas and the Bhadraksha beads do not offer any benefits.

What are the uses of 8 mukhi Ganesh mala?

One can use the Ganesh mala to chant Lord Ganesha mantras. It can also be used to enhance focus and attract positivity. The 8 mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha mala can also be used for attaining the blessing of Lord Ganesh and to get benefits and Therapeutic benefits.

What are different types of 8 mukhi Ganesh mala?

We at Rudra Centre offer three different types of original 8 mukhi Rudraksha Ganesh mala which are as follows:

  • 8 mukhi Rudraksha Ganesh mala which comprises of Rudraksha beads, which are of Nepal origin.
  • 8 mukhi Rudraksha Ganapati mala which comprises of Rudraksha beads of Java origin.
  • 8 mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha mala which comprises of genuine 8 mukhi Rudraksha beads along with specific number of particular gemstones according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST).

Who should wear 8 mukhi Ganesh mala?

Anyone can wear the genuine 8 mukhi Ganapati mala as it is a mala that is associated with Lord Ganesh and helps in attracting positivity, success, peace and new opportunities.

Can 8 mukhi Ganesh mala be worn around the Neck?

Yes, the 8 mukhi Ganesh mala can be worn around the neck.

Procedure for wearing 8 mukhi Ganesh mala

Always remember to energise the Rudraksha mala before wearing it. The 8 mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha mala that we at Rudra Centre offer is energised and blessed by the in-house Karmkandi pundits. But the first time you buy a 8 mukhi Rudraksha Ganapati mala make sure to perform the following ritual before wearing the mala.

  • The day associated with Lord Ganesh is a Wednesday, hence wearing a 8 mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha mala on Wednesday is considered to be auspicious
  • Wake up early on a Wednesday morning and cleanse yourself by bathing and by wearing clean cloths
  • Now ensure that you are seated in a clean and quiet place in the East direction where no one can disturb you while you are chanting
  • Now focus and chant the mantra "Aum Hoom Namah" and "Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah" for 108 times
  • Once this is accomplished you can wear the Rudraksha mala
  • It is recommended that you get the 8 mukhi Ganesh mala strung in a silk thread or a woollen thread or to get each Rudraksha bead in the Ganapati mala capped in pure Gold or Silver
  • In order to get optimum benefits by wearing the 8 mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha mala we suggest you to wear it according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST)

How many beads does 8 mukhi Ganesh mala contain?

The 8 mukhi Ganesh mala comprises of the following number of beads: 32+1, 54+1 and 108+1. The plus one between the above-mentioned numbers signify the Sumeru bead. The Sumeru bead is the large sized bead which is strung in the centre of a Japa mala. All the energy that is generated while performing japa mantra chanting on the mala is stored in the Sumeru and released from it. Hence, it is most significant bead.

From where can I buy genuine quality 8 mukhi Ganesh mala?

You can buy genuine 8 mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha mala online from Rudra Centre at the best price.

Why you should buy 8 mukhi Ganesh mala from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is one of the trusted and renowned e-commerce company that deals in a variety of spiritual products and services. Our finely knit network and quality of products and services have made us one of the leading e-commerce company to have earned a worldwide recognition. Offering quality goods and services has always been our prime aim and we never compromise on the same.

We also make sure that all the goods and services that we offer including the original 8 mukhi Ganesh mala are energised and blessed by the in-house Karmkandi pundits. Apart from this, our attentive and prompt customer care executives answer each and every query of the customer and also offer guidance to the customers whenever they require it.

How can I test the genuineness of 8 mukhi Ganesh mala?

Many ancient Scriptures have mentioned various ways of testing the authenticity. There are many ways to check the authenticity of the 8 mukhi Ganesh mala.

Some of these methods include manually examining each bead strung in the Ganapati mala by viewing it carefully to see if there are any tiny holes, worms or any kind of tampering done with the 8 mukhi Rudraksha beads. This also includes identifying whether the number of mukhis is complete or half-broken, this requires expertise and an experienced eye to examine the bead accurately.

Thus, in today’s scenario the X-ray test of the Rudrakshas is the most legitimate and accurate tests that can determine the genuineness of the 8 mukhi Rudraksha mala. This test shall help you to understand whether each bead of Ganesh Rudraksha mala has eight compartments and each compartment has a seed.