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About Agate Eye

What is Agate Eye?

Agate Eye crystal also known as Third Eye Agate Eye and Shiva Agate Eye, or even as Bulls Eye Agate, is a symbolic gemstone of the inner eye or intuitive eye, also called the third eye. Rudra Centre presents the stunning Agate Eye in a set of two, each having a concentric color banding that gives it the form of an eye. Agate Eyes are vigilant eyes which are open wide round the clock, each day of the year.

Uses and benefits of Agate Eye

When you are easily overstimulated, Eye Agate stone will be an ideal companion stone. When you are feeling overwhelmed, this stone will gently calm your mind and soul. It will soothe and serenade you by calming the overactive parts of your heart and mind. It will purify your auric field with light energy and balance all of your chakras. It makes an excellent purchase for those living stressful lives.

Agate Eyes will grant you success in battle and will let you recognize the lessons in your failures. Buying this stone will also boost your intellect and mental abilities. Eye Shiva Agate will act as a balancer in your life, assisting you to overcome difficulties, achieve success in your financial endeavors, and regulate your emotions and thoughts while doing so. Even if you are going through difficult and perplexing circumstances, agate eye stone will fill you with hope

and tranquility. It will assist you in avoiding bad conduct by positively altering your vibrations for the best possible ever never seen outcome.

Keeping Eye Agate Stone where the cash is kept, in your puja altar or carrying agate eyes with yourself are excellent ways for building your intuitive power, creative skills and enhancing your focus. Agate Eyes is also known to be a protective gemstone for psychic attacks, all types of evil eye, hexes and they are also well-known for their properties to stop decrease in wealth.

The Agate crystal also supports self introspection and spiritual growth; therefore, the Agate Eye is double powered as it also represents the inner eye or intuitive eye which enhances intuitive capabilities.

Protection against Evil Eye through Agate Eye

The person who throws the evil eye on another is constantly jealous of that other. It may assist to visualize the evil eye as such an arrow. When a shot is fired with purpose, it is intended to hit a target. The motive is malevolent, even if it does not always strike its intended target.

The victim's wealth, health, or personal attractiveness may unintentionally trigger an assault by someone with the evil eye. If the item assaulted is alive - such as a human or an animal - it may get sick. Loss of appetite, fever, frequent yawning, hiccups, and vomiting are all symptoms of evil eye disease.

The eyes are the portal to a person's soul. People do not always cast the evil eye on you intentionally. An ordinary person's conscious mind is not usually powerful enough to change reality to such a degree. The evil eye is caused by underlying bad feelings that individuals hold, in which you happen to play a part of the opposite and therefore serve as an object of envy, hate, or both.

Evil Eye Agate or Third Eye Agate gemstone has been long known to protect from this kind of negative influence by wearing it as a pendant or around the neck. To remove evil eye from the house, office or work place it is recommended to stick Evil Eye Agate to the main entrance door, or to place it on the work desk or at home in the puja altar.

Why and from where to buy Agate Eye

Agate Eye crystal has unique and uncommon properties combined together as we have seen, not easily observed in other gemstones, and because of its peculiar and impressive form it makes an original gift for your loved ones. However, in order to get the full properties of eye agate stone and its protective benefits it should be bought from a reputable and well-known, established seller only, one who is dealing with natural gemstones.

Buy Agate Eye Online at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

All our gemstones in sale are natural, untreated and unheated thus preserving its natural appearance and properties, and most importantly showing all its optimal benefits, which is a major reason to place an online order with us when it comes to all kinds of gemstones. Genuine Eye Agate for sale is relatively rare to find, thus one good way to ensure you are getting the real one agate eye stone and of the highest quality, is by purchasing it from us. Our eye agate stone price is the best in the market if you are looking to buy natural collected agate eyes.

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