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About All Gods Silver yantra

All Gods Silver Yantra

Yantra is a diagram inscribed or drawn with perfect geometry according to the Vedic texts. It carries the energies of the deity that it is related to and bestows the devotees with good fortune and blessings of God. We have a large collection of God Yantra and Goddess Yantra in silver made with precision to offer you positive benefits.

All God Yantra Benefits

Shukra Yantra In Pure Silver: This Yantra helps in solving the issues in relationships and brings harmony. It blesses with beauty and success in the field of art and music. Also, it attracts luxury and materialistic things that are necessary.

Budha Yantra In Pure Silver: It improves communication and decision-making skills. This Yantra is also effective in removing obstacles in the path of business and career.

Rahu Yantra In Pure Silver: Rahu Yantra gives protection from mishaps and also helps in getting relief from addiction.

Shani Yantra In Pure Silver: It relieves the financial crisis and blesses with the ability to make the right decisions.

Guru Yantra In Pure Silver: This Yantra brings prosperity and guides on the path of life by giving the right direction. It also encourages spiritualism and being true.

Chandra Yantra In Pure Silver: It boosts self-confidence and gives emotional stability. Further, it also develops inner strength and enhances relationships.

Surya Yantra In Pure Silver: Surya Yantra gives name and fame along with success in business and profession. It also bestows the qualities of bravery and leadership. Apart from this, it relieves stress and health problems.

Ketu Yantra In Pure Silver: It provides protection and brings all the worldly comforts & wealth. This Yantra spiritually uplifts the native and gives success in life.

Mangal Yantra In Pure Silver: Mangal Yantra prevents any accidents from happening and gives relief from debts. It is also effective in resolving marital problems and helps in finding the right partner.

Siddh Shani Yantra In Pure Silver: Siddh Shani Yantra is used to perform daily pooja in the case of Sade Sati to pacify Lord Shani and his malefic.

Vastu Devta Yantra In Pure Silver: The Vastu Devta Yantra eliminates Vastu Dosha and rectifies the defects caused due to the mistakes in the construction of the dwelling.

Kanak Dhara Laxmi Yantra In Pure Silver: It is the Yantra that brings wealth and money. This Devi Yantra costs very minimally and is made of pure silver.

Kuber Yantra In Pure Silver: Lord Kuber is the God of wealth and this Yantra bestows the natives with riches. There is never a shortage of resources and money if this Yantra is worshipped daily.

Shri Navgraha Yantra In Pure Silver: This Navgraha Yantra is designed very beautifully and precisely to remove the negative effects of the nine planets. It brings the blessings and positive influence of the planets that are ill-positioned on your birth chart.

Mahamrityunjaya Yantra In Pure Silver: Mahamrityunjaya Yantra eliminates anxiety, illness, and fears and blesses happiness and good luck.

Navgraha Yantra In Pure Silver: This is a set of 9 Yantras of the nine planets. It removes the malefic effects of all nine planets and blesses them with the benefit. Prosperity, success, and protection are also the benefits of the Navagraha Yantras.

Where to buy it?

God Silver Yantras should be bought from an authentic source that you trust to make sure that you get the original Yantra made in pure silver of top quality. The embossed Yantras have to be proper as per the Vedic scriptures and texts to derive their positive benefits.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is a renowned brand in the world of spiritual items and gemstones of the highest quality. The Silver Yantras in this range are made of pure silver with perfect carving to ensure that you get the best benefits of it. Our Yantras are energized and hold the positive energies that bring good changes in life. We ship worldwide and you can also seek advice from our experts in case you have any queries while buying the Yantras.


The Yantra can be placed at the entrance of your home, office, or shop as it energizes the surrounding where you install it. Alternatively, it can also be hung on the wall or framed and kept on your study table and in the living room.

Silver Yantra Price

The prices of the Silver Yantras in this collection vary according to the weight of the Yantra and the carvings. All the Yantras are fairly priced and available for sale at Rudra Centre. Buy the best Silver Yantra online from Rudra Centre today.