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About Amber Stone

Amber is said to be a fossilized resin that is formed after thousands of years under the ground. It may contain tiny creatures or insects at times as it takes so many years to solidify that the insects are trapped in it and become a part of the resin. We have a wide range of gorgeous Amber stones that are absolutely genuine and possess healing qualities. They are believed to purify the environment around the wearer and bring positivity.

Astrological Importance

Amber is usually said to be suitable for individuals with the Cancer zodiac sign. It improves the thought process and power of thinking of the wearer. People in the creative and entertainment field can wear this stone to enhance their creativity. So far, there are have been no side effects of wearing Amber stone. Although it is advisable to consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone.

Associated Planet

It represents planet Venus, and at times, it is worn to attract the beneficial effects of planet Jupiter. Individuals having weak Venus on their birth chart can wear Amber stone after consulting an expert. This amazing stone carries the power to ward off negative energy and bestows the wearer with strong decision-making skills.

Amber Stone Benefits

The main element that determines the effectiveness of the Amber stone is that how old the stone is. Since it is a fossilized resin, it is infused with various healing and magical properties after being under the Earth for years. It gives vitality, long life, and love to individuals. Out of all the benefits that Amber gives to the wearer, you can find the best ones below:

  • It is a great stone for getting relief from worries and anxiety issues.
  • It solves irritability issues and also helps the ones who are in their menopause phase.
  • It is believed to bring good luck and harmony to the wearer’s life.
  • It improves the relations with family and peers.
  • It is an effective stone for balancing emotions and attaining stability.
  • It builds tolerance levels and develops patience.
  • It instills confidence in the wearer and removes fearful thoughts.

Health Benefits:

  • Amber is a healing stone that boosts the immunity system and regulates digestion.
  • It helps in reducing headaches and tooth pain.
  • It is said to help treat jaundice and cold.
  • Ailments related to blood are also thought to be cured by wearing Amber stone.

Chakra Benefits:

Swadhisthana Chakra or Sacral Chakra can be healed by wearing an Amber stone. It is the second Chakra in the human body that governs the sexual organs, urinary system, and lower digestive organs as well. Located just below the navel, this Chakra gives a good sense of sexuality and develops a trusting nature if it is balanced. When in a blocked state, it can cause fertility issues, muscle pain, lower back pain, depression, and emotional instability. Wearing an Amber stone can pacify these problems and help in balancing this Chakra. It helps in overcoming a lack of trust and frees the wearer from worries. It makes the wearer more relaxed with his/her sexuality and allows to feel the pleasure.

Where to buy Amber?

Gemstones should be bought from an authentic source to make sure that they are original. Untreated and non-heated gemstones generate better results as compared to treated & colored gemstones. Original gemstones always come with a certificate of authenticity, so it becomes important to check if the seller is providing it.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has been in the business for over two decades, and we only sell natural gemstones that are of the highest quality. We provide a certificate of authenticity along with the gemstones so you can be sure of their genuineness. You can order from any part of the world as we ship worldwide. We also have various making options like the ring, bracelet, and pendant, so you can choose according to your preference. Our wonderful collection of Amber stones has the most lustrous stones of Russian origin.

Amber Stone Price

The original Amber price varies depending on cut, carats, and size. These are the major factors that decide the price of a gemstone. The beautiful Amber stones in our collection are available at minimal prices, and you can buy Amber online from us.