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Significance and Uses of Anahata Chakra Jewelry

The Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra, is the 4th Chakra main Chakra or energy centre. It is the seat of unconditional love, compassion, trust, forgiveness, understanding, devotion(Bhakti) and attachment. The Anahata Jewelry is worn to unblock, balance and heal the Heart Chakra.

An active, clear and balanced Anahata Chakra results in loving self and others unconditionally, forgiving others and self is easy, seeing everything and everyone with compassion is natural. The Anahata Chakra teaches us to release attachments of all kinds, such as, with the past, to people, expectation from others, to outcome etc. An unblocked Heart Chakra makes the individual more trusting, kind, sensitive and understanding to others' feelings and allows love to flow easily to one and all. The individual is able to realise his/her dream through love and compassion.

The Energy colour of the Anahata Chakra is Green.

When the Anahata Chakra is blocked or unbalanced it causes anger, hatred, jealousy, fears, makes revengeful, untrusting, failure to love self and others, unforgiving, harbours expectations from others, the blockage tends to sabotage one's own relationships. One tends to suffer from depression, sadness, grief and be cold and distant. Whereas an overactive Anahata Chakra can make the individual too generous and giving, which is not favourable for self.

It is important for the Anahata Chakra to be balanced and the Anahata Chakra Jewelry is a significant tool in achieving that balance. The Heart Chakra Jewelry comprises Anahata Chakra Necklaces, Heart Chakra Bracelets, which are generally made of Gemstones associated with the Heart Chakra.

At Rudra Centre, we have powerful Healing Heart Chakra Jewelry, which is a combination of natural Rudraksha and untreated Emerald Gemstone Beads, strung as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST).

Benefits of Anahata Chakra Jewelry

The Anahata Chakra Jewelry collection from Rudra Centre comprises of attractive Heart Chakra Necklaces and Heart Chakra Bracelets. When the Heart Chakra or the Anahata Chakra is blocked, unbalanced or overactive, it affects emotionally by making the person fearful, angry, envious, cold and emotionally unavailable and also lacks love for self or for others. Unbalanced Anahata Chakra can cause physical ailments, like, Allergies, Heart diseases, Asthma, high Fever and make the individual feel miserable, depressed and sad. As the Anahata Chakra is the energy centre of unconditional love and balance of this Chakra is of utmost importance. At Rudra Centre we provide Anahata Chakra Jewelry made of 100% natural Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and untreated natural Emerald Gemstone Beads, strung as Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST). Some benefits of wearing the Anahata Chakra Jewelry are:-

  • Wearing the Anahata Chakra Jewelry is the easiest way to unblock and balance the Anahata Chakra, especially for those who may not have the time to do meditation for the Chakra or visit therapists.
  • Prana Heart Chakra Bracelets and Anahata Necklaces, when worn, heals the Heart Chakra and brings love for one's own self and others. It helps to see all situations and people with compassion.
  • Wearing the healing Heart Bracelets from Rudra Centre makes one forgiving towards self and others. Forgiveness is essential to move ahead in life.
  • Negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, and a revengeful attitude fade away gradually, when the Heart Chakra healing Jewelry is worn.
  • Relationships with spouse and others become harmonious once the Heart Chakra is balanced and open, by wearing Heart Chakra Malas and Bracelets.
  • Chakra Heart Bracelets and Necklaces bring relief from the physical ailments caused by unbalanced Heart Chakra, like fever, Allergies and Heart Diseases. When the Heart Chakra is open and balanced the energy flows easily, it becomes easy to let go and free the body of diseases and ailments.
  • Wearing the Anahata Chakra Jewelry makes it easy to let go of attachment to people, expectations, to one's past, hurtful emotions/pain, outcome of what one does etc.
  • When the heart Chakra is unbalanced it leads to attention seeking behaviour which heals when the Heart Chakra Stone Bracelet is worn regularly.
  • Wearing the Heart Chakra crystal Necklace or Bracelet brings the awareness that happiness does not exist outside, but within. The individual stops seeking love outside.
  • When the Anahata Chakra is opened and balanced by the Anahata Chakra Bracelet, it makes the wearer trust the process of life and others.
  • Healing the Anahata Chakra with the help of the Anahata Chakra Jewelry, makes one devoted to the Divine and connected with the spiritual realm.

  • Why buy Anahata Chakra Jewelry from Rudra Centre

    The Anahata Chakra Jewelry from Rudra Centre is potent and unique, strung as per our self developed Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy(RRST), which heals Chakras of the body by combining specific Mukhi Rudraksha and Gemstone Beads. RRST has been developed after years of research and experimentation. Our esteemed clients who have bought the Anahata Chakra Jewelry have been richly benefited after wearing them. We use only superior quality natural Rudraksha Beads and untreated Gemstone Beads to make the Anahata Chakra Necklaces and healing Heart Bracelets. The Anahata Chakra Jewelry is the combination of certain numbers of 100% natural powerful Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and Emerald Gemstone Beads. The combination acts on a deep holistic level to heal the Heart Chakra by unblocking and balancing it.

    As specified above a blocked and unbalanced Anahata Chakra can cause many problems in different aspects of life. Wearing the Anahata Jewelry, which we offer, is the easiest way to balance and heal the Chakra. Our Heart Chakra Jewelry is well designed. The Heart Chakra Pendant Necklace is hand strung with faceted Emerald Gemstone Beads and Gauri Shankar Rudraksha with Silver accessories between the beads. The eye-catching Pendant attached to the Heart Chakra Mala, is enhanced with a Golden Shree Yantra embossing. Understanding the taste of our customers across the globe, the Prana Heart Chakra Bracelets are made on adjustable strings, with Silver accessories and a pure Silver Anahata Chakra symbol stylishly dangling from it, making these Bracelets easy to wear and fashionable.

    The Anahata Chakra Jewelry is a one- time investment and compared to other methods of healing, it is less expensive.

    Browse our site and place your order of Anahata Chakra Jewelry and you will receive the exact Jewelry piece which you have ordered within a few days.

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    Rudra Centre offers an attractive range of Anahata Chakra Jewelry hand-strung perfectly with natural Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and untreated Emerald Gemstone Beads cut in different shapes. The Heart Chakra Jewelry is strung as per our in-house Therapy module of Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy(RRST), which has proved to work wonders in healing Chakras and giving optimum benefits. Our Anahata Chakra Jewelry is the best Heart Chakra healing Jewelry, which you can choose from by browsing our site. Once you place your order online with us, you will receive your Heart Chakra Jewelry, safely packed in a few days. Buy Anahata Chakra Jewelry at the best price in the market.