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Bandarwal Toran

What is Bandarwal Toran?

A Bandarwal is a door hanging that invites positive forces in the dwelling and beautifies the entrance. It is a good practice to decorate the entrance and keep it pleasant & tidy. Bandarwal Toran is hung at the main door or even inside the home. It looks attractive and a great home décor accessory. One can also give this Toran/ Door Hanging to dear ones on special occasions.

What material is used for Bandarwal Toran?

There are different types of Bandarwal Door Toran made of good quality beads and accessories. The available types and the material used in making them are given below:

Rudraksha Bandarwar Toran

Our range of Door Hanging Toran has exclusively made Rudraksha Bandarwar Toran like Rudraksha with Red Sandalwood, Rudraksha with Rosewood, Rudraksha with Yellow Jade, Rudraksha with Green Jade, Rudraksha with Red Jade, Rudraksha Toran with tassels, etc. Hanging one of these Torans at the entrance is not only auspicious but also great for welcoming the guests.

Deity Bandarwal Toran

Door Hangings with miniature Lord Ganesha idols embellished on various elements are available in our collection. They are also enriched with small bells and decorative beads to add elegance. These are simple Toran and suitable for daily use. The Toran also has auspicious symbols embossed or embedded on them. It brings good fortune and positive vibrations for a peaceful environment in the home.

Animal Design Fancy Bandarwal Toran

Different varieties of Peacock and Elephant Bandarwal Toran can be found in our range of products. They are appropriate for hanging at the entrance of festivals and religious ceremonies. These Bandarwal Torans have a rural touch that looks authentic. When hung on the door, it transforms the appearance of the entrance.

Flower Bandarwal Toran

Originally, the Indian Toran/ Door Hangings were made of real flowers to attract positivity in the space. We have the artificial flower door Torans which can be used and reused over a long time. These Door Hangings are majorly made of artificial Marigold flowers (woollen pom poms) and leaves, and available in different shades of yellow and orange. Also, we have plastic flower Toran that can be used as an alternative for real flower Toran.

Traditional Bandarwal Toran

The traditional Torans are made of artificial flowers, leaves, mirror work and beads. They appear more realistic and make for an amazing home décor accessory. Traditional Bandarwal door hangings mainly include golden tones and golden elements that decorate the entrance well. You can get well-made artificial Flower Toran online from us.

Pearl Bandarwal Toran

Amongst the large range of Bandarwal Torans, there are fancy Toran made of pearl beads. Various patterns and elements are added to the Pearl Bandarwal Toran, making it the right choice for gifting. The attractive designs of these door hangings are suitable for special events.

Designer Bandarwal Toran

There are many designer Bandarwal Torans in our collection with symbols like “Shubh Labh '', “Om '', etc. Beautiful elements such as “Kalash '', seashells, traditional patterns and miniature embellishments are incorporated in these Bandarwal Torans.

Bandarwal Toran Benefits

  • It brings good luck and prosperity
  • It welcomes Goddess Laxmi’s presence to the home
  • It invites auspiciousness to the dwelling
  • It instantly elevates the look of the entrance and brings a festive vibe
  • It brings blessings of joy, wealth and peace
  • A well-decorated door with Bandarwar Toran is an invitation to positivity

Uses of Bandarwal Toran

  • It is hung on the main door/ entrance of home, shop, showroom, office, etc.
  • It is a beautiful décor item to create a festive vibe at special ceremonies
  • It is used for decorating home on religious festivals
  • It is a gorgeous piece for hanging at home during Diwali, Dussehra, etc.
  • It can be gifted to family, friends and dear ones
  • It is hung at the entrance of the Puja room
  • It can be also used on Housewarming ceremonies, special Puja and similar events
  • It is good for hanging on the windows as well

Where to buy Door Bandarwal Toran?

Bandarwal Toran is a traditionally designed door hanging for home and other spaces. To get high-quality Bandarwar Toran, one should buy from a trustworthy seller like Rudra Centre. Buying such spiritual products and traditional accessories from a certified company is recommended. This will help you receive durable and genuine products.

Why should you buy Bandarwal Toran from Rudra Centre?

You can find a wide variety of options in our collection of Bandarwal Toran. We offer quick and safe worldwide delivery for the convenience of our customers. We have expertise in holistic healing and providing top quality spiritual products. The Bandarwal Toran Door Hangings are sourced from trusted suppliers. In our collection, these decorative Bandarwar Toran are made with Pearls, Rudraksha beads, Red Sandalwood beads, and more. The designer Torans at Rudra Centre have a traditional appeal and are appropriate for hanging at the main entrance and inside the home. All the designs are elegant, unique and made of high-quality materials with precision. They are easy to clean and last a long time for reusing. Connect with our client coordinators for a hassle-free Door Toran online shopping experience. Buy Door Hanging Toran online from us to get the best products.

Are these Bandarwal Toran handmade?

The Bandarwal Toran in our range of Door Hangings is woven beautifully for hanging at the entrance of home, office, shop, etc. They are made by skilled artisans to provide the best Door Hangings to our customers.

Bandarwar Toran Price

Bandarwar Toran Prices differ as per the material it is made of. There is a large variety of Bandarwar Toran (Door Hangings) in our collection and their prices are variable yet in the affordable range.