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Bhojpatra Leaf: Buy Bhoj Patra Online, Price, Bhojpatra Uses, Set of Bhoj Patras for Puja and Writing

Bhojpatra leaves come from Betula utilis growing on the Himalayas at elevations up to 4,500 m (14,800 ft). The leaves were extensively used in ancient times for writing Sanskrit texts. If you visit ancient places in India, you will find the locals using these leaves for writing sacred mantras. They keep the bark inside the amulets and wear it as a pendant or tie it at their waist/arm for protection.

Betula Utilis form forests, growing as a plant or tree reaching up to 20 m (66 ft) tall. It is common to see them among scattered conifers having an undergrowth of shrubs which usually includes evergreen Rhododendron. Centuries ago in people in ancient India used Bhojpatra for writing extensive scriptures and Sanskrit and other texts in Sanskrit. Famous Sanskrit writers Kalidasa, Sushruta and Varahamihir used this leaves to record their work. The Kashmiri pandits had most of their books written on the Bhoj patra until Akbar introduced the use of paper in the 16th century.

Buy Quality Bhojpatra Papers Online From Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre Offers Select Bhojapatra with the papery layer of birch bark considered to be highly astringent agent. By virtue of such quality its external use is recommended as styptic (to stop bleeding) and to stop any purulent discharge.

Bhojapatra Writing Kit

We also offer a kit that contains writing stick made of Pomegranate wood, Redsandal powder, Ashtagandha Kasturi powder and Herb granules. We have mixed the powders and the granules with small amount of water to make the ink for writing on the page.