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About Biography Books of Saints and Gods

At Rudra Centre we offer you with spiritual biographies written by well known authors. Some of which are The Walking Shiva of Varanasi, a magnificent Book on Walking Shiva of Varanasi 'It is well nigh impossible to call Trailingaswami either a saint, a siddha, a yogi, a saadhaka, a baba, a paramahamsa, an avadhoota or an avatar for he is all and not merely one among these many, Swami Kritarthananda called him, "The Living Shiva of Varanasi".

He was named as Siva Rama and perhaps also as Trailingadhar, because he was born in Trilinga Desa (It is a region between three great Shrines of Paramashiva, Glory of Saint Tulsidas, Tulsidas received spiritual inspiration and wrote the Shree Raamacharitamaanasa in Kashi. He has referred to this epic as the 'Manasa' Lake and invites all to take a "dip in this holy lake" if one wishes to cleanse the impurities of the body and the mind in this Kaliyuga. These books are a must read.