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About Blue Jade Shivling

About Blue Jade Shivling

Blue Jade Shivling is made from the semi-precious gemstone Blue Jade, which looks attractive in its Blue color and is a very suitable stone for Shivlings. Gemstone Shivlings are said to be highly powerful. Keeping the Blue Jade Shivling at home or workspace gives beneficial results to the devotee. The Shivling is revered as Lord Shiva's form, worshipped by conducting Abhishekam (holy bathing). Benevolent Lord Shiva blesses His devotees richly with peace, calm, good health, prosperity, relationship harmony, unity, spiritual understanding and growth, and protection.

The Blue Jade is a rare Jade, well known as a stone that brings calmness of the mind, peace, it helps to communicate, understand the truth about one's self and has many spiritual, metaphysical properties. Interestingly attributes of Lord Shiva or Shivling and the Blue Jade gemstone have some common points. Blue Jade is also called Dream Stone. The combined effect of the powers of Shivling and the attributes of Blue Jade work Divinely when Blue Jade Shivling is installed in the dwelling. It is easy to clean after performing Abhishekham, which is an advantage.

Price of Blue Jade Shivling

Natural Blue Jade is a hard stone, capable of scratching the glass. It is a variety of Jadelite and is rarest among all Jades. The stone comes in various intensities of Blue color, from light to medium to Greenish Blue colors. Natural Blue Jade Shivling Price depends on the weight/size of the Shivling, its color, and origin. Burmese Jade is considered of the best quality and therefore more expensive. When you buy Blue Jade Shivling, ensure it is made from natural stone and not treated. A natural Blue Jade Shivling will give optimum benefits. It is advised to buy Blue Jade Shivling from a reputed gemstone dealer or shop.

Where to Buy Blue Jade Shivling

Rudra Centre offers an array of superior quality, untreated natural Blue Jade Shivling of different weight or sizes. Each Blue Jade Shivling in our collection is crafted perfectly, with a smooth finish. You may select from the different sizes and buy Blue Jade Shivling online with us. We provide the best Blue Jade Shivling price in the market. When you buy Blue Jade Shivling online with us your order will get delivered to you safely within a few days.

Placement of Blue Jade Shivling

When placing the Blue Jade Shivling on Altar, place the Yoni base so that it faces the North direction. The West face of the Linga is worshipped.

Benefits of Blue Jade Shivling

Blue Jade Shivling is extremely meritorious when installed at home, office, business place, worshipped, and meditated on. Blue Jade bestows emotional, mental, physical healing and access to spiritual experiences and the enormous power of the Shivling is well known. Worshipping and meditating on the Blue Jade Shivling has multiple benefits.

  • Blue Jade Shivling radiates high-frequency positive energies in the space it is kept.
  • The grace of Lord Shiva along with the attribute of Blue Jade, balances and calms down the mind, especially in conflicting situations.
  • It helps in creative self-expression as the Blue Jade works on the Vishuddha/Throat Chakra.
  • Meditating on this Shivling enhances focus and gives clarity.
  • Worshipping the Blue Jade Shivling propels you to spiritual growth, which is Lord Shiva's blessings and Blue Jade stone helps to connect with the Divine realm.
  • It makes you have trust and faith in the divine and trust in self when you worship this Shivling.
  • Blue Jade Shivling aids in releasing the past hurt, pain, regret, etc, helps to move ahead in life positively by forgiving self and others.
  • It is an excellent Shivling to bring spiritual awareness.
  • Meditating on the amazing Blue Jade Shivling offers the ease to see understand your life path properly and follow the guidance.

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