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About Blue Jade Stone

About Blue Jade Stone

Blue Jade stone is a semi-precious rare gemstone, well known for its calming, peaceful effect and spiritual attributes, also known as the 'Dream Stone'. The lovely blue color of the stone ranges from light Blue to medium Blue and light Greenish Blue. Blue Jade makes beautiful Jewellery. As the metaphysical properties of Blue Jade are revered, the stone is used for holistic healing. Wearing Blue Jade, carrying it, or even holding it in your hand when there are situations of conflict in relationships or stormy situations in life, is said to calm down the mind, bringing harmony, accepting the truth, and giving self-confidence.

Blue Jade Stone Price

The translucent Blue Jade is a variety of Jadeite, is a durable and hard stone, capable of scratching the glass. Burmese Jade is highly revered and costs more. Blue Jade Stone (gemstone) price depends on its color, origin, clarity, size, or weight, and cut and natural Blue Jade Gemstone prices are expensive. Due to its many attributes, the Blue Jade gemstone price is nothing compared to the benefits it bestows. However, when you buy Blue Jade Stone, ensure that it is natural Blue Jade to give the desired benefits.

Rudra Centre offers high quality, natural, Astrologically approved Blue Jade gemstones of various weight and cuts for you to choose from. When you buy Blue Jade stone online with us, you can also choose to get your Ring Pendant made from our skilled, in-house jewelers, in the design and style you prefer. We provide a Certificate of Authenticity and the Blue Jade Stone price we offer is the best in the market. Our efficient delivery service will deliver your Blue Jade stone online order within a few days of you placing the order.

Benefits of Blue Jade

  • The rare Blue Jade gemstone with its lovely luster has been used as a protective talisman since ancient times. It is a stone with many metaphysical properties that bring a benevolent outcome when worn or carried. It bestows emotional, mental, physical healing, and access to spiritual experiences. Blue Jade is a prized gemstone to have for its stunning look and benefits.
  • It brings emotional balance, by helping to understand the truth of the situation and accepting it. It helps to see problems from a different perspective.
  • It is famous for its quality as a gemstone that brings calm and peace in murky situations of conflict, disputes, especially in relationship or family discord, when things look unsolvable.
  • Blue Jade is said to work well to harmonize angry situations. It is also useful in managing anger or rather balancing the overwhelming emotions to dissipate anger.
  • As it brings harmony, it automatically heals physical issues like inflammations, viral infections, bronchial conditions, treats arthritis, asthma, ailments related to stress, etc.
  • The stone helps to focus on things that are a priority in life, clears confusion to bring clarity.
  • It acts on the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra and helps creative self-expression and understanding the truth about self. It also activates the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra and connects the information received from the subconscious to be expressed through the Throat or expression.
  • The use of Blue Jadestone to connect with the spiritual realm is well known and has been used down the ages, a reason for which it is also called 'Dream Stone'. It assists us to pay attention to our inner voice.
  • Wearing Blue Jade makes us patient, maintain trust and faith in self and Divine.
  • It is an excellent stone to let go of past pain and hurt and move ahead by forgiving all people and situations involved.
  • It is used to get rid of addictions.

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