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About Goddess Durga and Kali

Goddess Durga is the Divine Goddess of power and strength, a manifestation of Goddess Parashakti. Legend has it that She was created by Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma combined to slay the Demons. Maa Durga is celebrated and worshipped by Hindus, especially during Navaratri. The festival is celebrated as Maa Durga slayed the notorious Demon Mahisasura in this period, a reason for which She is known as Mahisasura Mardini. Devotees of Maa Durga are blessed with strength, courage, power, good health, victory in all ventures and over enemies, spiritual advancement, prosperity, wealth, name, fame, growth in all aspects of life, heals diseases and ailments, and provides invincible protection.

Goddess Kali is another manifestation of Divine Mother and is Her fierce form. She is depicted to be dark in complexion. Revered and worshipped for protection from all Evil, including Black Magic, Ghosts, lower energies, and spirits. She blesses with fearlessness, lifts all illusions, and makes the devotee face the truth by effectively destroying the ego of the individual. Though Maa Kali looks fierce, She is as compassionate and loving as the Divine Mother.

Books on Goddess Durga and Kali

Rudra Centre has a collection of Best Books on Goddess Kali and Durga for you to choose from, read and enjoy. We have books on Maa Durga and Her various manifestations, like Das Maha Vidya Book, Santoshi Maa Chaalisa, etc. We also have other devotional books on Goddess Durga like Sri Durga Chalisa, Durga Saptashati and other Mantras, Stora, Stuti books. Books on Durga Puja (worship), like All About Navratri - in Hindi and English, details how to celebrate Navaratri, ritualistic worship, Mantras, and Stotrasa and much more. Books on Maa Kali include Kali Chaalisa, Hymns to Kali, and other Maa Kali books, which gives details of the Divine Mother's powers, influences, blessings, and rituals to invoke Her. You may choose and order online, and your order will be delivered within a few days.

List of Maa Durga Books and Maa Kali Books

Chaaleesa/ Chalisa – Sachitra Durga Chaaleesa, hardbound pocket size Durga Chalisa, Kali Chaaleesa, Shree Ganga Chaaleesa, Santoshee Maa Chaaleesa. The pocket size Chalisas are popular as they can be carried in wallets and purse.

Durga Saptashati - Narrates Goddess Durga's powerful acts, which are mentioned in the Markandeya Purana. Reading the Saptashati helps to garner Goddess Durga/Chandi's blessings.

The Supreme Mother Goddess Durga - A book which has lovely pictures of Goddess Durga, contains stories about Her glorious acts from Puranas, prayers, hymns, Durga Chalisa, mythology associated with Divine Durga Maa, etc.

Durga - A Durga Book about the origin of the slayer of Demons, Maa Durga, how to worship Her, blessings and protection of Durga Maa, temples, etc.

Navaratri Puja, Saraswati Puja - A useful book with details of Vedic rituals for worshipping the 9 manifestations of Divine Goddess Shakti during Navaratriand Goddess Saraswati's Puja on Vasant Panchami.

In Praise of Kali - A book which list various names of Maa Kali and their meaning, the books also contains details of various spiritual practices related to Goddess Kali, prayers, 100 names of Adiya Kali, ways to make Her shrine, things to offer to please Her, and other devotional directions to connect to Maa Kali and more.

Kali - Slayer of Illusion Sarah Caldwell:- This book details Goddess Kali as the shadow self-manifestation of Goddess Durga. It narrates tales of Maa Kali, who destroys miscreants, protected the demigods from demons like Sumbha and Nisumbha, and other miscreants who threatened all three worlds. The Divine Goddess frees Her devotees from illusions, fear, ego, and attachments.

Kali Upasana - A Maa Kali book which specifies Vedic rituals, Mantras, Stotras, Aartis for worshipping Maa Kali.

Many other best books on Goddess Kali and Durga are also available with us. Books like Tantrokta Das Mahavidya Siddhi Sadhana is an in-depth understanding of the 10 (Dus) Goddesses of Wisdom who are forms of Devi Shakti and how to invoke or worship Them through Tantrokta Mantras. This Durga Tantra book is very useful for awakening Devi Shakti energies.