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Books on Gemstones

Our collection of gemology books is completely information-inclusive and you can find the answer to every question that you have regarding gemstones and crystals. The books are well-written in proficient language and are easy to understand. These books are highly informative and help one in knowing the gemstones in all the aspects.


Occult Power of Gems

This book by Manik Chand Jain is all about the power of gems and how the gems are prescribed according to Astrology. One can even get to learn about Numerology, the theories of prescription of gems according to one’s sun sign, and gems & diseases discussed based on the charts.

Gems & Astrology

Gems & Astrology is a wonderful little book by Dr. G.S. Kapoor that can be called a complete guide to get thorough knowledge of gemstones and their relation with Astrology. It is not just limited to Astrology but it also has medicinal uses of gemstones, gems for heart diseases, use of gemstones for favorable Yoga in the birth chart, and divine powers of precious as well as semi-precious gemstones.

Gem’s Power

Written by Pt. V.K. Sharma, Gem’s Power is one of the best Gemology books that gives explicit information of the gemstones, their properties, the varieties of gems & their importance. This book also includes how to wear gemstones according to Lagna, rashis, numerology, birth, and how to energize the gemstones (Pranpratishtha of gemstones).

Healing Power of Gems

A book that takes you through the miraculous powers of gemstones. Healing Power of Gems written by Dr. Gopal Sharma and Pr. Sewaram Jaipuria has perfectly put together attributes of the gemstones. One can even find gems for specific purposes like physical and karmic healing, gems for enhancing relationships, spiritual awakening, mental clarity & expansion, masculine healing, color ray healing with seven special gemstones, and gems for healing and nourishing with Earth energies. It also tells how to take proper care of gemstones, the stars signs and suitable gemstones, their country of origin, and a quick guide of healing & enhancement properties.

The Mystique of Gems & Stones

A wonderfully written book by Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi, The Mystique of Gems & Stones clears a lot of myths and doubts about gemstones. There are answers to questions like how to correct the defects in destiny if wearing gemstones favors one’s luck, where the gemstones are found, where and how they are manufactured, how gems affect human life, and a lot more.

The Book of Gems

Dr. Nataraja Sarma’s “The Book of Gems” is a great help when it comes to learning about the history of gemstones, birthstones, and connection with Astrology, how to care for gemstones and their healing powers. Furthermore, it also gives knowledge of diamonds and other gemstones.

Healing with Gemstones and Crystals

Healing with Gemstones and Crystals by Diane Stein is an excellent book to refer to if one wants to know how to choose gemstones, and crystals, what are Kundalini Chakras, the Hara Line, and how to lay on stones.


This collection of books for gems is entirely in the English language for a better understanding of one and all. It is very important to have books with simple dialects. English being the most spoken language, it is easy for a large number of people to obtain the knowledge that they are seeking about gemstones, their properties, their mystical powers, and other interesting facts.


The books on Gemstones are available in Paperback format in high quality. This helps to save on the cost and make these amazing books accessible to every individual. While these softcover books are neatly bound together, they are sure to last long and help you gain all the information that you require about the gemstones.

Where to buy it?

Gemology books should be bought from a trusted source to you get the original copy of the book. There can be fake or duplicate copies of the books in the market so always ensure that you take a look at the back cover of the book. It gives a synopsis of what the book is about and that can help check if it is the book you are looking for.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has a great range of best books on gemstones and crystals with detailed information about everything related to the topic. We have a large collection of Spiritual books to enlighten the minds. The books are sourced from authentic publishers and have the relevant info about gemstones and their healing properties.


These books about gems are fairly priced and the tremendous knowledge that it provides is incomparable with the price. We have made these highly demanded books available at Rudra Centre at minimal prices.