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About Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna

Lord Vishnu is considered the preserver and nurturer of the Universe and all that exists. He is one of the primary Deities of the Divine Trinity of Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh. The Vaishnava sect considers Lord Vishnu as the Brahamana or the Supreme Lord. Worshipping Lord Vishnu and His Avatars/forms blesses the devotee with good health, wealth, prosperity, success, abundance, spiritual progress, liberation from sins and helps attain Moksha. Devotees of Vishnu are always protected by His enormous power and tide through all challenges of life with ease. Every time the world or Dharma has been in a potential threat of being destroyed, Lord Vishnu takes an avatar and comes for the rescue to save the world, a reason the Divine Lord has appeared in various Avatars. He maintains the balance of all things and is also in charge of restoring Dharma. Lord Vishnu has 1000 (one thousand) names, which are associated with the numerous qualities that He possesses.

Lord Krishna is the 8th avatara or manifestation of Lord Vishnu and is one of the most revered and loved Hindu Gods. Lord Krishna's life from childhood till the time He left His mortal form are lessons for mankind. Lord Krishna's sermons in the Bhagavat Gita is world-renowned and followed by people across all countries and religion. When Lord Krishna played His flute, it mesmerized everyone, the Gopis and others alike. Lord Krishna's Leelas are till today recited, sung, and performed on special occasions like Krishna Janmashtami festival and others. His love for Radha (Radharanijee) is also cherished by devotees down the ages. It is believed by devotees that there is no difference between Lord Vishnu and Krishna, They are the same. Worshipping Lord Krishna bestows love, happy and blissful family life, peace, joy, the sweetness of speech. He absolves the sins of His devotees and liberates their souls.

The Hindus worship Lord Vishnu or Narayana and Lord Krishna by performing various Pujas, rituals and fasts to receive Their blessings. It is believed that chanting Lord Hari's, Lord Krishna's name regularly can bring immense blessings and prosperity.

There are many Mantras, Stotras,Stutis, Chalisa and sacred texts which are dedicated to and are recited/chanted by devotees.

Books on Krishna and Lord Vishnu Books are popularly read across the world.

Rudra Centre offers a wide collection of Books on Krishna and Books on Lord Vishnu for devotees, which include Shree Krishna Chaleesaa, Shree SatyanaaraayanaVrathKathaa, books on the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu (Vishnu Sahasranamam), books on Vishnu Avatars, and other important and interesting Hare Krishna books and Lord Vishnu books, which provide information, Puja processes, rituals, Mantras for revering and worshipping Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.

List of Books on Krishna and Lord Vishnu Books With Us

1) Shree Krishna Chaleesaa - This booklet contains Dohas, Abilaashaas, Chaupai,and Aaratees to be recited in praise of Lord Shree Krishna, to please Him and garner His blessings.

2) Shree SatyanaaraayanaVrath Katha - Perhaps one of the most commonly conducted VrathKathaa at homes is Shree SatyanarayanVrathKathaa to bring auspiciousness. It removes hindrances, unhappiness and bringsblessings of Lord Vishnu/Narayan. The Katha or stories is of Lord Vishnu in His manifestation of Lord Satyanaaraayana and narrates how the Divine Lord helped and blessed His devotees, made non-believers believe in the magical ways that life can work by this Puja. When followed meticulously,Lord Satyanaaraayana guides and blesses benevolently. It is believed that hearing or reading the SatyanaaraayanaVrath Katha is highly meritorious and a sure way of self-purification.

3) Mahanarayana Upanishad - Written in Sanskrit with the translation of each word in English, this Upanishad glorifies the Supreme Lord Narayana/Vishnu and is part of the Krishna Yajurveda.

4) Krishna - Lord of Love:- A book which talks about the love which Lord Krishna was. The stories are about Lord Krishna's pastimes in youth, like subjugating and dancing on the head of the dreadful serpent Kaaliya, protecting the villagers from destructive rain caused by Lord Indra's wrath by lifting the GovardhanParvat to form an umbrella and other such Leelas. In this book, the author has also tried to decipher the difference between spiritual and human love.

5) Vishnu and His 1000 Names and The Thousand Names of Vishnu - These two books enlist the 1000 names which Lord Vishnu is known by and their meaning.Reciting the Vishnu 1000 names rewards the devotee richly. The book Vishnu and His 1000 Names helps the reader to understand the qualities of Lord Vishnu and realize love, compassion, forgiveness, etc.

6) Dasavatara - Lord Vishnu has appeared in 10 (ten) Avatars or incarnations to rescue, preserve and nurture the world and Universe. This book has stories about the various Avatars and the grace of that incarnation on mankind. Other Lord Krishna Books with us - Sri Krishna Charitam, Krishna - A Journey through the Lands and Legends of Krishna, Shri Krishna Leela

Other Lord Vishnu Books - 7 Secrets of Vishnu, a book that unravels secrets of the Supreme Lord Vishnu.