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Diya - I
Product Code : OLN05

INR 275 | USD 3.44

Amar Jyot
Product Code : OL47

INR 300 | USD 3.75

Kuber Lamp
Product Code : PVK21

INR 325 | USD 4.06

Rose Diya
Product Code : PVK33

INR 350 | USD 4.38

Kamal Diya
Product Code : OLN02

INR 350 | USD 4.38

Leaf Diya
Product Code : AD12

INR 350 | USD 4.38

Apple Diya
Product Code : OLN03

INR 450 | USD 5.63

Ambe Jyoth
Product Code : OLN04

INR 525 | USD 6.56

Om Lamp
Product Code : PVK13

INR 1,000 | USD 12.50

Sold Out
Om Diya
Product Code : OL52

INR 505 | USD 6.31

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About Brass diya, Samai oil lamps

Significance of Brass Diyas

Brass Diya also known as ‘Pital Diya’ in Hindi is one of the highest-selling Diyas in the market. The demand for diyas made in brass is always in demand due to their durability and easy maintenance and thermal conductivity. Since ancient times Samai and Diyas which are also known as a diva, deepam and lamp are made of this strong and useful metal. In the olden days looking at its durability and resistance to corrosion, most of the musical instruments too were made of brass. In many cultures across the globe lighting, a diya on events and auspicious occasions is mandatory as it holds a deep meaning.

We at Rudra Centre offer an exclusive range of brass diyas online. All the brass diyas that we offer are designed in various patterns, shapes and mesmerizing designs that you can choose from. Brass diyas online shopping gives you the opportunity to browse through our wide range at your leisure and is time-saving. Our range of brass oil lamps includes small brass oil lamps, samai oil lamps, big brass diyas and much more. All the diyas that we offer are designed to perfection and finesse by our highly skilled artisans. We make sure that all the diyas are nicely packed and safely delivered to our clients.

Brass oil lamps for home and temple

Lighting oil and ghee lamps on auspicious occasions hold immense significance also lighting a samai oil lamp is considered to be auspicious and a gesture of giving privilege and importance to the individual who lights it. Lamps hold the energies of Agni (Fire) tattva, and Holy Fire is said to ward off evil, destroy disease-spreading germs in the air, creates a blissful ambience and offers strength.

We at Rudra Centre offer Samai oil lamps and Brass diyas online at the best price. Each and every brass diyas that we offer are sanctified, energised and blessed before being dispatched to our clients. Our exotic range of Brass diyas does not only boost the auspicious energies when lit but also enhance the aesthetic value of your puja altar. Our range of beautifully crafted brass diyas also can be gifted to your dear ones and form a meaningful gift.

Brass Deepam Price

The price of a brass deepam depends upon the design, weight and size. As mentioned above we have an exclusive range of big and small diyas along with Samai. Our beautiful collection of brass diyas are available from a price range of INR 85/- and goes up to INR 61,500/-

Benefits of brass aarti Diya

The Brass diyas are of the most auspicious blend of beneficial energies and metal. Brass is one of the most divine metals that hold the exotic properties of offering good health and when the fire is ignited in a Brass Diya a blissful environment is created. Given below are a few of the benefits one experiences after lighting a pital Diya

  • Wards off negative energies and negativity
  • Invites positivity
  • Calms the mind
  • Offers peace
  • spiritually
  • Makes us come closer to the Supreme Consciousness
  • Offers good health and longevity
  • Lighting a diya during the evening is said to invite Goddess Lakshmi into the house thus it offers abundance and riches

In which direction can we light the Diyas?

The direction of placing a lit Diya plays a significant role according to the ancient architectural study known as Vastu Shastra. Each corner of any Vastu is inclined and associated with specific energy and thus when things are placed right it bestows boons or invites inauspicious energies. Let us understand which are the appropriate directions in which one can light a Brass Diya.

You can light a pital Diya facing East as it attracts energies that give you good health, spreads harmony in life, is blessed with longevity and removes all the hindrances and obstacles

You can light a Diya facing North as it blesses you with success in all undertakings, makes you prosperous and offers good fortune

You can also light a Diya facing the West direction as the energies of the West direction helps to get rid of negative energies, rise above struggles and makes one prosperous and helps in clearing debts

You must never light brass aarti diya or samai oil lamps in the South direction as it invites inauspicious energies and as per Shastra, it is considered to be the corner of Lord Yama.

Why buy from us?

Rudra Centre as an e-commerce company is one of the most renowned names globally. We deal in a wide variety of spiritual and religious products and services. We are the market leader as well as a pioneer who deal in supplying authentic spiritual and religious products and services across the globe and have more than 20,000 happy clients. Offering genuine and quality products and apt customer service is what helps us to be the market leader.

Another reason you must buy from us is that we offer these divine brass diyas at the best prices and all our product ranges are energized and blessed by the in-house pundits before being dispatched to our clients. We make sure that the quality of our products is maintained and our clients are satisfied. We also offer chat support in order to clear the doubts of our clients. Our marketing and after-sales also have earned accolades for our communication, efficiency and follow up.