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About Camphor

What is Kapoor/Camphor?

Camphor also popularly known as Kapoor or Kapur, is an organic compound which is solid in nature and which is translucent white in appearance. Camphor is burnt during Pooja ceremonies. When Camphor is burnt it evaporates and does not leave any traces of it. Similarly, when the Camphor is exposed to air it catches moisture and evaporates. The aroma of Camphor is believed to appease the Gods and Goddesses. Its fumes are said to destroy harmful germs and bacteria present in the air. It attracts positivity and fills the space with positive energies.

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide range of Camphor/ Kapur online. The Camphor price that we offer is the best in the market. The desi Kapoor price or the natural Camphor price differs according to the type of Camphor and the quality of Camphor.

What is Camphor used for?

Given below is the list of things where Camphor is used

  • It is used in Pooja rituals.
  • It is used to make medicinal oils.
  • It is used as a room freshener.
  • Used to nullify negative energies.
  • Used for making creams for skin.
  • Is used in making ointments which helps to relieve joint and muscle pains.
  • During steam inhalation the Camphor helps to open the air passages.

What is Camphor good for?

Camphor is good for many things. Listed below are few of the many good properties that Camphor possesses.

  • It is used to apply on skin in order to offer relief from pain and for getting relief from itchiness.
  • Helps to increase the Blood flow when applied on swellings and skin irritation.
  • It is believed that inhaling Camphor fumes relieves cough.
  • Camphor helps to balance low Blood pressure which occurs due to standing for longer duration.
  • Camphor is a great agent which helps to stimulate the nerve endings.

What does Camphor do

Camphor offers a wide range of healing properties and benefits. It offers soothing fumes when used in Pooja ceremonies, it appeases the deities and attracts the deity principles, it helps to get relief from inflammations and more.

What is Camphor made of?

Camphor/ Kapur in its initial stage is a wax-like material found in the wood of an evergreen tree known as Camphor Laurel. The bark is roasted and the pulverised bark steam is distilled. The vapours which form as a result of the steam are accumulated and condensed to make Camphor. However, nowadays Camphor/ Kapur is widely made synthetically from turpentine oil.

What are different types of Camphor

The different types of Camphor that we at Rudra Centre offer are as follows

  • Natural Camphor
  • Kapur Camphor balls
  • Kapur- Camphor slabs
  • Smokeless Camphor
  • Bhimseni Kapur

What are the benefits of Camphor?

Given below are benefits of Camphor

  • Improves respiratory function.
  • Offers relief from acne and warts.
  • Helps to give respite in arthritis.
  • Heals toenail fungus.
  • Helps to diffuse bad odour.
  • Attracts positivity.
  • Calms the mind.

What precautions should we take while using Camphor?

Following are the precautions one can take while using Camphor

  • Keep out of children’s reach, because if consumed can be fatal.
  • Make sure you keep it away from broken skin or open wounds.
  • Make sure that Camphor does not come in contact with your Eyes.

Is it safe to buy Camphor Online?

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