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Wearing the holy Rudraksha beads help you balance your chakras and attain harmony with the nine planets to achieve good health, prosperity, success and spiritual enrichment. When strung by the true devotee with his own hands, Rudraksha beads bestow on him all the goodness that the divine beads shower. If you wish you make a rosary, a mala or any ornament with the Rudraksha beads yourself, Rudra Centre makes it possible by providing the way and all the articles you'd require.

While making Rudraksha mala beads, you need a number of accessories such as spacers, or small beads that are placed between them. You can find crystal, sandalwood and Rudraksha spacers, in sets of 27 beads, to separate the beads and simultaneously decorate your mala with. Also available are beautifully chiseled caps made of copper, silver, punchdhatu and also caps with gold polish on copper to encase Rudraksha beads in. The caps are offered in different sizes, some ranging from 5 mm dia to 12 mm dia. They are customized to fit different beads like Java beads, Nepal beads and more in varying sizes. Pure silver wire to string your Rudraksha mala is another important component you require, which can be purchased as per length measured in feet. Pure silver wire for capping a Rudraksha bead so as to hold the mala together is also needed, which is available at Rudra Centre.

In addition to them, hooks shaped like fish (fish hook), box lock and S hook are also there, which come with adjustable rings for fixing at the end of Rudraksha bracelets and rosaries. Pure silver oval loop to make a fine pendant of Rudraksha beads through which you can insert a thread or chain are all yours too. You can also purchase glittering, delicate sliver balls in a variety of sizes and shapes such round, oval, box shape and more. These Rudraksha making accessories will conclusively help you make your own precious Rudraksha malas and enhance your life.