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About Cats Eye Necklace Mala

How to get Real Cat’s Eye Necklace, Mala and Beads work for you?
Cat’s Eye is a unique gemstone that has its own metaphysical powers and properties. According to Vedic astrology, this gemstone is related to the planet Ketu or the south node of the Moon. It is a captivating gem that has held man’s interest for centuries. In recent years, the market for Cat’s Eye necklace is on the rise as increasing number of people comes to know about Cat’s Eye mala and its merits. You can easily buy a Cat’s Eye necklace online if you cannot visit a store in person.

Basically, a Cat’s Eye mala is recommended to nullify the negative effects of Ketu on one’s life. However, Cat’s Eye mala is also preferred by women who want to make a fashion statement.

Before you make them into your most valued Cat’s Eye necklace in gold or other metals, make sure you know the basic facts about authentic Cat’s Eye beads:

  • They originate from the mines in the Sri Lankan region, India and also other countries.
  • They are found in Greenish Gold, Grey brown, Greenish brown, black and many other colours.
  • The gemstone has a strong Chatoyant, a band of light which runs through its centre, giving a magical feel at first glance.
  • A few Cat’s Eye stones come with 3 magnificent lines.
However, to get Cat’s Eye gemstones to work for you, they have to be fully natural, which means they must be untreated and unheated.

Benefits of wearing the Cat’s Eye gemstone:
  • Cat’s Eye is a gemstone that relates to finance - it helps in finding lost wealth, and is effective in restarting a closed business or revamping a sinking one.
  • The stone is known as the adventurer’s pick as it is suitable for games related to luck and risk. The Cat’s Eye beads help in bringing back luck to the wearer’s side.
  • Cat’s Eye mala is an effective shield against all kinds of evils and also works as a psychological protection (mental balance) for the wearer.
  • It is an excellent gemstone that sharpens memory powers; hence cats’ eye beads are largely recommended for kids.
  • Cat’s Eye gemstones also help in promoting spirituality in the wearer as it holds the powers of the spiritual planet Ketu.
  • Cat’s Eye stones are effective in keeping the wearer away from all sorts if unnecessary desires that might cause anxiety or stress.
  • Most importantly, the stone is a great help in restoring physical health in case of life-threatening diseases. For example, in rebuilding health while the wearer recuperates from cancer.
  • Cat’s Eye beads worn in any form, whether a gold necklace, mala or ring, help in keeping away fears and complexes. They enable the formation of a positive frame of mind that is energized and empowered to take the right decisions in life.