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About Chunris

What is chunri?

Mata Ki Chunri is an auspicious piece of cloth that resembles a women’s stole. The mata chunri is placed on the head of the Goddess idol or photograph in such a way that it covers the head, shoulders and back of the Goddess idol just like wearing a veil. The auspicious Mata ki chunri is a symbol of respect, modesty, virtue and probity. Since the beginning of time, the pooja chunri holds great importance and is used to honour the feminine energy of Adi Shakti and Her various forms/manifestations. A chunri in Hinduism and many other cultures symbolises Indian tradition, culture and values. Covering your head with chunri is an act of showing respect to the deities and even elders.

Buy mata ki chunri online from Rudra Centre. We offer a range of chunri for pooja which are available in various designs, patterns, colours and materials. The Mata ki chunri price that we offer is affordable and of supreme quality. We are one of the renowned brands who have earned recognition globally and have a customer base of above 20,000 plus. Quality and customer service are the two most pivotal things we never compromise upon. Also, understanding the importance of pooja chunri we ensure that all the Mata ji chunri are energized and blessed by our in-house pundits.

What are the uses of chunri?

Given below is the list which helps us understand the different uses of a Mata Ki Chunri

  • You can use it as a veil to cover the head of the Goddess idol
  • You can put it on the puja altar
  • It can be used to place it over a chowki or a table on which the Gods and Goddesses idols or photographs are installed
  • Can be used to place over the coconut placed in Kalash during Devi puja
  • Can be used as an offering to Devi Maa when we visit any of the Goddesses temples

What are the different types of chunri?

There are various types of chunris which are manufactured in a plethora of designs, colours and material. The types of chunris are as follows

  • Net Chunri
  • Bandhani Chunri
  • Embroidered Chunri
  • Lacework Chunri
  • Traditional Tikli work chunri
  • Designer Chunri

Each type of the above mentioned Chunris comprises a wide range of chunris for poojas. The attractive designs, perfect stitch and fabulous colours make these mata ki chunris desirable.

What is chunri made of?

Mata ki chunri that we at Rudra Centre offer are made of

  • Net with stonework
  • Net with zari work
  • Bandhani cloth
  • Brasso finish Silk Chunri
  • Sequel work on net Chunri and many other types

What are the benefits of chunri?

The Goddess Chunri does not offer benefits as such, however, if we offer puja chunri to the Goddess or Goddesses the deities are appeased and Ma Shakti in all Her feminine forms blesses the devotees abundantly. Listed below are a few of the many benefits and boons a devotee or a Sadak receives after offering Mata ki Chunri to any of the Goddesses

  • When we cover the head of the Goddess idol with chunri, the Goddess is appeased and blesses us with many virtues
  • Blesses one with the desired partner
  • Offers courage and strength to face all the problems
  • Calms the mind
  • Elevates spiritually

Where can I buy chunri online?

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Understanding the importance of puja articles, we make sure that all the puja articles including all the varieties of Mata ki chunri we offer are blessed by our in-house karamkandi pundits from Varanasi and Banaras. Our range of Pooja chunri comprises Net chunris, Bandhani Chunnis, Embroidered Chunris, Lacework chunri, Traditional Tikli work chunri and Designer Chunris. If you are looking for elegant, beautiful and quality Mata rani chunri online then simply go through the variety of pooja chunri which are available in various materials, colours, patterns and designs we have displayed on our website and buy the one which best suits your taste.