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About Conch Shell Mala

About Conch Shell or Shankh Mala

Shankh or Conch Shell Malas look naturally beautiful, strung with small Conch Shells and a Sumeru Bead of the same. The Shankh Mala is used for chanting Mantras of Goddess Laxmi, for wearing and is also offered to the Goddess. Conch Shells or Shankh is considered auspicious by the Hindus and is kept at home to usher its positive energies. Found naturally on sea-shores, there are different varieties of Shankhs. The ones which can be blown are used to blow at before prayers or Puja ceremony to announce the commencement. The Shankh is included in all religious ceremonies. Real Conch Shell Necklaces are worn worldwide as a fashion jewellery.

Chanting Mantras or doing Japa is an ancient spiritual practice. Malas or Rosaries are used to count the Mantras. Each Mala made of natural Beads is meant to chant the Mantra of a specific God/Goddess of the Hindu Pantheon and Mantras of Planets too.

Significance and Uses of Conch Shell Mala

For the Hindus, the Conch Shell or Shankh has spiritual significance as it is associated to Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, good fortune and Lord Vishnu, the protector and preserver of the Universe and One of the Divine Trinity along with Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. In fact, Lord Vishnu has the Shankh as one of His ornaments.

Mythology says that the Shankh was churned up during the Samudra Manthan, the great churning of the Cosmic Ocean conducted to acquire the pot of Amrit (elixir of life). When Goddess Laxmi rose from the Ocean, there were other things which came out along with Her. The Conch Shell or Shankh was one of them. It is kept at home to bring good luck and when it is blown the Shankh's sound remove negative energies from the space. Therefore, the Shakh ki Mala is auspicious and possess the powerful energies of Goddess Laxmi and blessing of Lord Vishnu.

Uses of Conch Shell Mala:

  • Shankh Mala is used as a Rosary or Japa Mala for chanting Mantras of Goddess Laxmi.
  • The Conch Necklaces are offered to Goddess Laxmi. It can be put on Her idol or Photo Frame as a Garland with an intention.
  • Conch Shell Mala can be worn as a spiritual jewellery.
  • Can be worn a fashion jewellery.
  • Shankh Necklace can be used for meditation.
  • The Malas serve as great gifts for loved ones.

Benefits of Conch Shell Mala

The Conch Shell Mala or Shankh Mala is endowed with the benevolent energies of Goddess Laxmi and brings many merits. The consort of Goddess Laxmi, Lord Vishnu's grace is also received with the Shankh Necklace. Lord Vishnu is depicted holding a Shankh and it is one of His symbols. Lord Shri Krishna, the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu, had blown His Conch Shell, Panchajanya, to announce the commencement of Kurukshetra war. Where there is Lord Vishnu, goddess Lakshmi is sure to be present.

When the Conch Shell Mala is not used, it should be kept in a cloth pouch or box.

Some benefits of Conch Shell Mala are:

  • The presence of the Shankh Mala in dwelling ushers auspicious energies, good luck and more.
  • Doing Japa or chanting Goddess Laxmi Mantras with the Shankh ki Mala brings Her blessings of good fortune, wealth, money, riches, property, luxuries, fertility, beauty and protection of wealth and assets.
  • Wearing the real Conch Shell Necklace helps to imbibe the energies of the Conch Shells.
  • In ancient times, Shankh was blown to announce victory in wars and therefore the Shankh ki Mala brings victory to the wearer. Victory over enemies and fears.
  • For success in ventures, lucrative opportunities, promotion in job, for overcoming financial losses and debts, wear the Shankh Mala.
  • Offering the Conch Shell Mala to Goddess Laxmi brings meritorious outcome and blesses the devotee with Her benevolent blessings of material abundance, peace and happiness.
  • Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of fertility too and wearing the Shankh Necklace helps in easy and safe Child birth.
  • The Shankh Mala clears communication, helps in self expression and enhances the power of speech.
  • Wearing the Shankh Necklace is aid to give relief from malefic effects of Planet Moon.

The Shakh Mala or Conch Shell Mala should have whole pieces of Conch Shell beads. Broken or damaged pieces in the Mala does not serve its purpose. Buy the Conch Necklace from a trustworthy, reputed shop or dealer to ensure you get the best quality of Mala.

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Rudra Centre offers best quality, natural, real Conch Shell Necklaces or Shankh Malas, strung with 108 small size Conch Shell beads and a Sumeru Bead in the middle with a Tassel suspended from it. The lovely Shankh Necklaces are strung with handpicked Shells of Ivory colour with Brown tint in places, which makes this Mala look appealing. These Shankh Malas are apt for chanting Goddess Laxmi Mantras and is also offering of adoration to garner Her blessings. The Shankh Necklaces can also be worn to align with its spiritual energies and as fashion jewellery. The Conch Shell Malas are excellent spiritual gifts for your loved ones. our Malas are energized and ready to use. Buy Conch Shell Mala online with us and your order will be delivered in a few days, packed safely at your doorstep.