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About Copper Yantra Rings

What is Copper Yantra Ring

A Yantra ring is a Yantra designed in the form of a ring, usually made in copper, silver or gold. It serves as a talisman for protection from negative elements, increase in good luck, wealth, or in some cases worn for specific problems. Yantras are mystical diagrams that connect with a specific divine cosmic force and generate positive energy to achieve a specific intention and purpose. When Yantra is crafted in the form of a ring and worn regularly, it helps the wearer imbibe the positive force emanating from the mystic geometry of the Yantra. Rudra Centre has created a select range of Yantra rings made in 100% pure copper designed in ethnic style. They feature embossing of the Yantra on the top and the image of the Yantra Deity on the reverse side. They come with an adjustable feature to suit all finger sizes.

Why are Copper Yantra Rings Worn

Yantra ring copper can be worn for a specific purpose.

  • Panchamukhi Hanuman, Mahakali, Pratyangira Yantra ring is worn as a talisman for protection from negative influences
  • Gayatri, Saraswati Yantra ring is worn for blessings of knowledge and learning
  • Vashikaran Yantra ring is worn as a talisman of charm and attraction
  • Yantra rings like Ganesh, Mahasudarshan, Karya Siddhi and Shree Yantra are worn for removing obstacles, and to attract fortune and success
  • Durga Bisa or Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra ring is worn for business growth
  • Baglamukhi Yantra ring is worn for success in court cases
  • Kuber or Mahalaxmi Yantra ring is worn as a wealth and fortune talisman

Astrologers also recommend Yantra rings for various astrological remedies as per the birth chart of an individual. Navagraha ring is worn for pacifying the malefic effect of one or more planets. Kali or Hanuman Yantra ring for pacifying malefic of planets Mars and Saturn or during Mahadasha or Antardasha of the planets. Ganesh Yantra for the blessing of Ketu planet when Ketu is placed in the sign of Sagittarius and Mahalaxmi Yantra ring to strengthen planet Venus.

Benefits of Wearing a Copper Yantra Ring

Wearing a copper Yantra ring provides combined benefits of the Yantra and the copper metal. Yantra provides the benefits like success, protection, wealth, luck, knowledge, good health and desire fulfilment which is as per the blessing of the associated deity, planet or mantra. Wearing Copper rings provide astrological and health benefits through their anti-ageing, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Astrological and Chakra benefits: Copper is associated with planet Mars, so it helps strengthen its effects. Being associated with the Root (Muladhara) Chakra, wearing copper helps balance the Chakra and balance, support, and stabilize the direction of life.

Health/Therapeutic benefits: Wearing copper helps provide protection from microbial attacks and is helpful in conditions like dizziness, lethargy, skin conditions, joint pain, anaemia, fatigue and dizziness and helps regulate blood circulation. It also helps in the absorption of micro minerals like Zinc and iron.