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Sphatik (Crystal Quartz) Stone

The versatile Crystal Quartz gemstone is a commonly used, transparent gemstone found abundantly in Mother Earth. Crystal Quartz in English is also known as Crystal, Quartz, Clear Quartz, or Rock Crystal. Crystal Quartz stone beads have always been used to make Malas (necklace) to wear or chant (as rosaries), for bracelets, pendants, and rings. Crystal Quartz Shivalingam is considered very powerful and they are installed by many devotees in their altar at home. It is believed that wearing Clear Quartz pleases Lord Shiva and goddess Mahalaxmi, bestowing upon the wearer their beautiful blessings.

Crystal Quartz gemstone is regarded by gemologists as the Universal Crystal. The clear quartz gemstone can be worn by anyone, irrespective of the birth chart of the person, and has no negative side effects. Composed of Silicon Dioxide or Silica measures 7 on the Mohs scale and is high on hardness. Crystal stones are widely used in malas (necklaces), bracelets, pendants, and rings. You can also find deity idols made of crystal quartz.

“Quartz” is a German word ‘Quarz’ and “Crystal'' is derived from the Greek word “Krustallos”, meaning “ice”. People of ancient Greek believed that the crystal was originally ice bestowed by the powerful gods. Even the ancient Sumerians wrote on the slab of crystals. Stamps or seals were made by them of Crystal Quartz gemstone to make an impression on clay.

During hot weather, it is said that women from the higher classes of Roman society held quartz spheres in their hands. Crystal Quartz has been used throughout history, particularly in Asian history, to bring good fortune and to appease divine forces in order to attract success and fortune. In the Old ages, Sphatik stone served as a pathway to communicate with the Divine or Angels, which is an attribute that makes this stone desirable for all who are seeking connection with the spirit or god.

Clear Quartz gemstone has inherent properties to cleanse energies, eliminating the negative energies from space and of spiritual cleansing. Crystal stone is considered to be good at transmuting energies from negative to positive. It brings clarity, purity, awakens inner vision, and helps facilitate one's personal growth. The Quartz stone is used by healers to clear the Chakras (energy centers) of the body. The cleansing effect of the admirable Crystal Quartz gemstone cleanses the energy bodies of an individual.

Crystal stone is praised for its amplifying power, which causes even the smallest crystals to resonate higher when kept with other crystals, and this is also true when worn with divine rudraksha beads, which is indeed a common practice. When wearing Clear Quartz gemstone, it is important to be aware of what energy the wearer is vibrating on, as lower energies can also be temporarily amplified, but these are most likely transmuted into positive ones eventually, as this is a profoundly purifying gemstone.

Rock Crystal ultimately amplifies these heartfelt intentions, hence its association with goddess Lakshmi and planet Venus in Vedic astrology, and its powers of manifestation.

Other Names:Sphatik
Crystal Quartz Gemstone Planet:Venus
Vedic Rashi (Moon Sign):Pisces
Lagna (Ascendants):Aquarius, Gemini, Libra.
Crystal Quartz Zodiac Sun Sign:Aries
Crystal Quartz Gemstone Chakra:Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra
Birthstone of which Month:April


Although Crystal Quartz gemstone can be worn by anyone for its healing, mystic and other benefits, it is highly recommended that an astro and chakra expert consultation is sought before wearing Crystal Quartz. In Chakra science, it helps open and balance the Sahasrara Chakra. Thus, it is highly recommended for those looking for relief from stress, peace of mind and calmness.

One may also consult a Chakra analyst or a Vedic astrologer to check the compatibility of the stone. This gemstone blesses with a soothing feeling and relaxing effect. You can take advantage of our expert advice on the suitability and compatibility of wearing this stone.

Crystal Quartz aids those who feel alone and alienated from others by restoring their faith in the greater whole. Hence, lonely and hopeless people should wear it. Those who have given up on life and lost contact with their higher self or god can also benefit from wearing it, as it restores their natural connection to the divine.

Crystal Quartz possesses numerous cognitive and mental properties; it enhances mental clarity, elevates contentment, eliminates negative emotions, deepens the wearer's sleep cycle, and promotes positive thinking and emotional stability; as a result, this gemstone is recommended to all individuals, regardless of age or spiritual stage of evolution.

Important Details:

Note that one should only wear natural, unheated, untreated Crystal Quartz gemstones so they can experience healing and empowerment. Rudra Centre only deals in 100% natural, unheated, untreated Crystal Quartz gemstones.

How many carats?7 Carats and above
Which metal for the ring?Silver
Color of Aquamarine:Transparent White
Which finger to wear in:Consult Our Experts to know the correct finger.
When to wear (Day and Time):Friday morning
Mantra For Aquamarine Stone:Om Shum Shukraya Namah (108 Times)

Crystal Quartz Buying Guide

Check its Origin:

Clear Quartz is the most widely recognized form of Quartz and one of the most common and plentiful gemstones. The stone occurs in numerous locations and is composed of many crystal clusters. Among the specific regions are Brazil, Spain, Madagascar, China, Upper Burma, the Swiss Alps, Herkimer, New South Wales, North Carolina, and Arkansas.

Observe their Color:

Clear Quartz is colorless or may appear to be clear, transparent, or white-colored with a vitreous luster.

Notice their Clarity:

The best crystal quartz gemstones have few inclusions and transparent clarity.

Examine their Inclusions:

Typically, crystal quartz possesses minor inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. Therefore, sphatik stones with inclusions are commonly accepted, traded, and utilized.

See their Shape:

It is typically polished into various shapes, including oval, round, cushion, pear, and square. Big clusters of natural Crystal Quartz in multiple shapes are easily found in the market due to its abundance in nature.

Check the Carats:

For Crystal Quartz of gem quality, the raw Crystal Quartz is divided and polished into smaller stones of variable carat weight. In general, Crystal Quartz weighing at least 7 carats are appropriate for jewelry. Because Crystal Quartz is sold by weight, Crystal Quartz prices are calculated per carat. Stones of comparable dimensions but distinct varieties vary greatly in price. The more carats and clarity Crystal Quartz has, the higher its price.

Avoid Heated & Treated Crystal Quartz:

Due to treatments the Crystal Quartz stone loses its natural composition and thus loses its natural frequency. These heated and treated Crystal Quartz do not offer any healing benefits and should be avoided.

Check for Lab Certificate:

It is recommended that you should purchase Crystal Quartz gemstones along a lab tested certificate which can determine its authenticity, treatment status and origin. Rudra Centre has been dealing in natural unheated untreated lab certified gemstones for the past 25 years. Our Crystal Quartz are certified from trusted labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

Why buy Crystal Quartz from Rudra Centre?

We only deal with untreated and unheated gemstones from their natural sources, which we energize in accordance with Vedic Vidhi, after more than 20 years of research and 100.000+ satisfied, healed, and empowered customers.

Can I give my used Crystal Quartz gemstone to someone else?

You should avoid it if you are wearing it. However, if you have not used it for an extended period, you can pass it on to someone else. It is recommended to not wear it for at least 2 weeks before giving it to someone else. You can also follow the cleansing and reenergizing process mentioned in the benefits section.

General Benefits of Crystal Quartz

  • It brings calm and peace of mind.
  • It helps to ward away negative influences.
  • It attracts positivity and auspiciousness.
  • It bestows clarity of mind and new insights.
  • It is said to improve romantic relationships.
  • It helps in positive thinking and emotional stability.
  • It ensures smooth energy and blood flow throughout the body.
  • It is a good conductor of positive energy and vibes.
  • It helps in physical healing and creates a feeling of love and compassion.
  • Understanding of one's intuitive powers becomes easier.
  • It has numerous mental and emotional properties.

Health Benefits of Crystal Quartz

  • It relieves tension and chronic stress.
  • It relieves skin disorders such as psoriasis or vitiligo.
  • It brings profound psychological relief in mental ailments.
  • It relieves Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) and ADHD.
  • It relieves Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and OCD.
  • It relieves Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • It brings relief to all sorts of neurological conditions.

Mental & Spiritual Benefits of Crystal Quartz

  • It magnifies the heart's genuine intentions.
  • It awakens self-awareness and connection to God.
  • It brings balance to the Crown or Sahasrara chakra.
  • It elevates a person's spirituality and universal love.
  • It encourages compassion and the capacity to forgive.
  • It clears away negative energy and expands mental clarity.
  • It is an important tool during the practice of meditation.
  • It promotes inner peace and restful sleep.

Astrological Benefits of Crystal Quartz

  • It pacifies the malefic effects of Venus or Shukra Dev.

How to Energize & Recharge Crystal Quartz Gemstone?

Crystal Quartz purification alone is insufficient to obtain its desired benefits. Its energization is likewise essential. One must energize his or her Crystal Quartz stone jewelry prior to wearing it.

Perform the activation or energization rituals following the completion of the purification process.

To Cleanse your Crystal Quartz Dip it in Salt Water Solution (If possible, use unprocessed sea salt) OR you can perform the smudging technique using Sage or Palo Santo.

Keep it under Sunlight or Under Full Moon Rays for 10 – 15 mins.

Hold the Crystal Quartz in your hand and Chant the Crystal Quartz gemstone Mantra:

Om Shum Shukraya Namah || शं शनिचराय नम || 108 times.

While chanting the mantra you can visualize white color positive energy surrounding your Crystal Quartz and restoring its powers.

Other Mantras of Lord Shukra (Venus) you can chant are mentioned below

Vedic Stotra Mantra for Shukra Planet

|| Hima kundha Mrunaalaabham Dhaithyaanam Paramam Gurum 
Sarva saasthra Pravruththaaram Bhaargavam Pranamaam Yaham ||

The one who has the lustre of the dew, Lotus stem and Thumba flower, High priest of Asuras and the one who preaches the Shatras, I prostrate before (Bhargava) Sukracharya.

Tantrik Beeja Mantra for Shukra/Venus

Om Draamg Dreeng Droung Sah Shukray Namah ||

You can choose to reenergize the Crystal Quartz on a Friday.

Now, wear your Crystal Quartz to appease Lord Shukra and receive its blessings.

How to check if Crystal Quartz suits you?

Preferably, a powerful gemstone such as Crystal Quartz should only be worn after consultation with an RRST specialist. Nevertheless, it will be appropriate if worn according to RRST, and we will add bhasm and energize it for only positive effects.

You can also give yourself at least 72 hours after embracing a Crystal Quartz to determine whether or not you are experiencing any negative effects. If after 72 hours of embracing the Crystal Quartz stone you do not feel even the slightest effect, you are safe to use Crystal Quartz, as this shows it is safe and sure for you and it will not negatively affect you in any way.

If after a few days of wearing you feel completely energized, inspired, and normal instead of confused, drowsy and numb, Crystal Quartz is a good choice for you. You will soon receive a subtle indication that wealth and good fortune are abundant in your life. Crystal Quartz has been considered a gemstone of luck and prosperity for centuries.

How to know if Crystal Quartz is working?

Within 10 days of wearing, you should start feeling calmer with improved physical and mental vitality. If you used to feel exhausted or overwhelmed prior to wearing it, you should experience a revitalizing flow of energy throughout your body and mind. Relationships, particularly romantic relationships, should also visibly improve. You should have a clearer discernment of the world around you and a more positive outlook on life. Crystal Quartz cleanses the mind of potentially negative emotions and thoughts and heightens one's perception of the outside world. If you experience these signs, it indicates that your Crystal Quartz gemstone is working properly.

How long do the effects of Crystal Quartz last?

If cared for properly, a Crystal Quartz can be worn as jewelry for generations. You must wear it until your chakras are balanced. Typically, experts advise wearing gemstones for four years, after which they are no longer necessary.

For the best results it is highly recommended that one wears only 100% natural, unheated, and untreated Crystal Quartz gemstones. As per the Vedic scriptures, a heat treatment harms its sattvic nature, rendering the stone less effective and beneficial. Like other gemstones, the quality of Crystal Quartz is also determined by the four Cs (Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity).


The best sphatik stones are pure, transparent white.


Best quality Crystal Quartz stones have cuts that maximize the effect of hue, tone, saturation and surface area. Indeed, exquisite and expert cuts of this gemstone are difficult to distinguish visually from diamonds and traded as a substitute for them.


Crystal Quartz of at least 7 carats is most popular in Vedic Astrology. Significant smaller and larger Crystal Quartz are used in contemporary jewelry. Generally, the price of Crystal Quartz rises as the size/weight/carat increases.


In the case of sphatik stones, typically, they contain minor inclusions visible to the naked eye. Thus, sphatik stones with some inclusions are readily accepted, traded and used. Those with the least inclusions and best clarity are considered the best.

Dealers deal in quartz that is synthetic to natural but is treated/heated and colour enhanced, so you must buy only from a reputed dealer with certification from a reputable lab.

Crystal Quartz Gemstone Price

The price of a Crystal Quartz gemstone is determined by its size, its cut, and its origin in terms of hue and transparency. Nonetheless, this is a common gemstone found in nature, so it is very affordable and brimming with healing properties. It is essential to acquire unheated, untreated Clear Quartz gemstone.

When a gemstone is heat-treated or undergoes the dying process, its healing properties are lost when it is worn. Crystal Quartz has numerous curative properties; to maximize its curative effects, only untreated Crystal Quartz stone should be worn.

The price of genuine, natural and unheated, untreated Crystal Quartz gemstones at Rudra Centre ranges from INR 300 to INR 18,540 (USD 3.75 to USD 231).

How to Identify or Test Original & Authentic Crystal Quartz?

The best way to check the authenticity of Crystal Quartz is by getting a Lab tested report from a reputed laboratory. Rudra Centre only deals with Vedic Astrology approved gemstones that are natural, untreated, and unheated. All our Crystal Quartz are certified by reputable labs like GIA, GLI, IGI and IGITL.

Look for flaws along with inclusions. Use a magnifying glass with at least 10x magnification to examine the Crystal Quartz carefully. Look for specks and blemishes, as they form with minute particles of other material. These flaws are strong evidence that a Crystal Quartz is genuine. Lab-created (fake) Crystal Quartz have no inclusions of this nature, and neither do natural Crystal Quartz, but if you find flaws, then your Crystal Quartz is genuine.

Examine the gemstone for air bubbles. Essentially, lab-created Crystal Quartz are glass that has undergone a process similar to that which forms natural Crystal Quartz. Since they are made of glass, they retain miniscule air bubbles after formation. If there are bubbles within the Crystal Quartz, it is not genuine. Be sure to inspect your Crystal Quartz from every angle by turning it over. There is a possibility that bubbles of air will only be evident from a single angle.

Look at how light is reflected by the Crystal Quartz. Turn off all the lights and shine your flashlight on the Crystal Quartz. If it is genuine, it will only reflect light of the same hue as itself. If it is a fake, made of glass, it will reflect colors other than the natural color of the gem.

Crystal Quartz Cleaning & Maintenance

It is essential to give your gemstone a thorough cleaning in order to preserve its purity and purge itself from negative energies as well.

Immerse your Clear Quartz gemstone in a glass of water, or hold it under running water for a period of time. Do not use salty water because the dissolved salt may permeate the stone and deteriorate it.

At night, place the crystal on a moonlit surface for an extended period of time. Ensure there is enough moonlight for maximum purification. The recommended moon cycles include the full moon, waxing Gibbous, and waning Gibbous.

No, Crystal Quartz will activate and work only if it is in contact with your body at the correct position. To experience 100% results from Crystal Quartz you have to wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for guidance.

No, heated Crystal Quartz does not work.

If you have worn the Crystal Quartz continuously you may not need to re-energize it. It is advisable to energize it if you have not worn it for an extended period of time. You can follow the steps mentioned in the Benefits Section.

The best way is to get a lab test certificate from reputed labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

With proper care, the effects of Crystal Quartz will last for generations. The majority of the time, they balance the chakras, we learn the lessons and align with the planets, and we may no longer need them after a period of time.

Crystal Quartz weighing at least 7 carats is appropriate for harnessing its properties.

You can wash it with soapy water and use a soft toothbrush or cloth to remove stains, dirt, etc. You can read in detail in the Quality & Price Section.

For the best results, use the stone as a pendant, mala or ring, and it has to be worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy, RRST, which is a scientific healing method devised by Sakhashree Neetaji. To know the right placement of Crystal Quartz gemstone, you may contact us as our team of experts will guide you.

You do not need to follow any precautions if you are wearing the Crystal Quartz as per RRST.

You can wear Crystal Quartz gemstone everyday as per RRST and ideally start to wear it on a Friday morning.

Those who experience the psychological and physical issues described in the Benefits section, as well as those whose Sahasrara chakra is out of balance.

Yes, Crystal Quartz will suit you if you wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for proper guidance and how to wear the gemstone.

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Crystal - 3.09 caratsCrystal - 3.09 carats
Crystal - 3.09 Carats
INR 385Product Code: GS06CG  
Crystal 3.31 caratCrystal 3.31 carat
Crystal 3.31 carat
INR 415Product Code: GS06EI Origin: India
Crystal - 3.57 caratsCrystal - 3.57 carats
Crystal - 3.57 Carats
INR 445Product Code: GS06CH  
Crystal - 3.80 caratCrystal - 3.80 carat
Crystal - 3.80 carat
INR 475Product Code: GS06EK Origin: India
Crystal - 3.92 caratsCrystal - 3.92 carats
Crystal - 3.92 Carats
INR 490Product Code: GS06BH  
Crystal - 4.10 caratsCrystal - 4.10 carats
Crystal - 4.10 Carats
INR 515Product Code: GS06CX  
Crystal 4.20 caratCrystal 4.20 carat
Crystal - 4.20 carat
INR 525Product Code: GS06EL Origin: India
Natural Crystal Sphatik Stone - 4.27 Carats
INR 535Product Code: GS06EO Origin: India
Crystal Sphatik - 4.27 Carats
INR 535Product Code: GS06EN Origin: India
Crystal - 4.32 caratsCrystal - 4.32 carats
Crystal - 4.32 Carats
INR 540Product Code: GS06BI  
Crystal Sphatik - 4.38 Carats
INR 550Product Code: GS06EP Origin: India
Crystal - 4.56 caratCrystal - 4.56 carat
Crystal - 4.56 Carat
INR 570Product Code: GS06DI  
Crystal 4.51 caratCrystal 4.51 carat
Crystal 4.51 Carat
INR 575Product Code: GS06ED  
Crystal - 4.60 caratsCrystal - 4.60 carats
Crystal - 4.60 Carats
INR 575Product Code: GS06CV  
Crystal - 4.63 caratsCrystal - 4.63 carats
Crystal - 4.63 Carats
INR 580Product Code: GS06CW  
Crystal - 4.65 caratCrystal - 4.65 carat
Crystal - 4.65 Carat
INR 585Product Code: GS06DH  
Crystal - 4.70 caratsCrystal - 4.70 carats
Crystal - 4.70 Carats
INR 590Product Code: GS06DE  
Crystal - 4.80 caratsCrystal - 4.80 carats
Crystal - 4.80 Carats
INR 600Product Code: GS06CY  
Crystal - 4.79 caratCrystal - 4.79 carat
Crystal - 4.79 Carat
INR 600Product Code: GS06DJ  
Crystal - 4.91 caratsCrystal - 4.91 carats
Crystal - 4.91 Carats
INR 615Product Code: GS06BK  
Crystal - 4.90 caratCrystal - 4.90 carat
Crystal - 4.90 Carat
INR 615Product Code: GS06DG  
Crystal Sphatik - 5.01 Carats
INR 625Product Code: GS06EQ Origin: India
Crystal - 5.04 caratsCrystal - 5.04 carats
Crystal - 5.04 Carats
INR 630Product Code: GS06AR  
Crystal Sphatik - 5.09 Carats
INR 635Product Code: GS06ER Origin: India
Crystal - 5.13 caratsCrystal - 5.13 carats
Crystal - 5.13 Carats
INR 640Product Code: GS06DA  
Crystal Sphatik - 5.11 Carats
INR 640Product Code: GS06ES Origin: India
Crystal 5.07 caratCrystal 5.07 carat
Crystal 5.07 Carat
INR 650Product Code: GS06EB  
Crystal 5.25 caratCrystal 5.25 carat
Crystal 5.25 Carat
INR 650Product Code: GS06EA  
Crystal Sphatik - 5.22 Carats
INR 655Product Code: GS06ET Origin: India
Crystal Sphatik - 5.37 Carats
INR 670Product Code: GS06EU Origin: India
Crystal 5.35 caratCrystal 5.35 carat
Crystal 5.35 Carat
INR 675Product Code: GS06DY  
Crystal Sphatik - 5.45 Carats
INR 680Product Code: GS06EW Origin: India
Crystal Sphatik - 5.43 Carats
INR 680Product Code: GS06EV Origin: India
Crystal 5.56 caratCrystal 5.56 carat
Crystal 5.56 Carat
INR 700Product Code: GS06DW  
Crystal Sphatik Quartz Stone - 5.63 Carats
INR 705Product Code: GS06EY Origin: India
Crystal Sphatik - 5.63 Carats
INR 705Product Code: GS06EX Origin: India
Crystal - 5.67 caratsCrystal - 5.67 carats
Crystal - 5.67 Carats
INR 710Product Code: GS06BF  
Crystal - 5.66 caratsCrystal - 5.66 carats
Crystal - 5.66 Carats
INR 710Product Code: GS06BB  
Crystal Sphatik Gemstone - 5.67 Carats
INR 710Product Code: GS06EZ Origin: India
Crystal Sphatik - 5.69 Carats
INR 710Product Code: GS06FA Origin: India
Crystal - 5.74 caratsCrystal - 5.74 carats
Crystal - 5.74 Carats
INR 720Product Code: GS06BC  
Crystal Sphatik - 5.76 Carats
INR 720Product Code: GS06FB Origin: India
Crystal - 5.81 caratsCrystal - 5.81 carats
Crystal - 5.81 Carats
INR 725Product Code: GS06BM  
Crystal 5.67 caratCrystal 5.67 carat
Crystal 5.67 Carat
INR 725Product Code: GS06DV  
Crystal - 5.99 caratsCrystal - 5.99 carats
Crystal - 5.99 Carats
INR 750Product Code: GS06AS  
Crystal Sphatik - 6.03 Carats
INR 755Product Code: GS06FC Origin: India
Crystal - 6.08 caratsCrystal - 6.08 carats
Crystal - 6.08 Carats
INR 760Product Code: GS06AU  
Crystal - 6.17 caratsCrystal - 6.17 carats
Crystal - 6.17 Carats
INR 770Product Code: GS06CM  
Crystal - 6.29 caratsCrystal - 6.29 carats
Crystal - 6.29 Carats
INR 785Product Code: GS06CN  
Crystal Sphatik - 6.36 Carats
INR 795Product Code: GS06FD Origin: India
Crystal Sphatik - 6.45 Carats
INR 805Product Code: GS06FE Origin: India
Crystal Sphatik - 6.46 Carats
INR 810Product Code: GS06FF Origin: India
Crystal Sphatik - 6.50 Carats
INR 815Product Code: GS06FG Origin: India
Crystal - 6.60 caratsCrystal - 6.60 carats
Crystal - 6.60 Carats
INR 825Product Code: GS06DF  
Clear Crystal Sphatik Stone - 6.60 Carats
INR 825Product Code: GS06FH Origin: India
Crystal - 6.81 caratsCrystal - 6.81 carats
Crystal - 6.81 Carats
INR 850Product Code: GS06AW  
Crystal - 7 carat - ICrystal - 7 carat - I
Crystal - 7 Carat - I
INR 875Product Code: GS06DQ  
White Crystal Sphatik Stone - 7 Carats
INR 875Product Code: GS06FI Origin: India
Crystal 7.02 carat ICrystal 7.02 carat I
Crystal 7.02 carat I
INR 880Product Code: GS06EH Origin: India
Crystal - 7.15 caratsCrystal - 7.15 carats
Crystal - 7.15 Carats
INR 895Product Code: GS06BD  
Crystal 7.31 CaratCrystal 7.31 Carat
Crystal 7.31 Carat
INR 925Product Code: GS06DU  
Crystal - 7.50 carats - IICrystal - 7.50 carats - II
Crystal - 7.50 Carats - II
INR 940Product Code: GS06BE  
Crystal 7.51 caratCrystal 7.51 carat
Crystal 7.51 Carat
INR 950Product Code: GS06DS  
Crystal 7.72 caratCrystal 7.72 carat
Crystal 7.72 Carat
INR 975Product Code: GS06DR  
Crystal - 8.56 caratCrystal - 8.56 carat
Crystal - 8.56 Carat
INR 1,070Product Code: GS06DL  
Crystal - 8.63 caratCrystal - 8.63 carat
Crystal - 8.63 Carat
INR 1,085Product Code: GS06DK  
Crystal - 8.80 carat - ICrystal - 8.80 carat - I
Crystal - 8.80 Carat - I
INR 1,100Product Code: GS06DM  
Crystal - 9.37 caratsCrystal - 9.37 carats
Crystal - 9.37 Carats
INR 1,170Product Code: GS06CU  
Crystal - 10.54 caratCrystal - 10.54 carat
Crystal - 10.54 Carat
INR 1,325Product Code: GS06DN  
Crystal - 10.55 caratCrystal - 10.55 carat
Crystal - 10.55 Carat
INR 1,325Product Code: GS06DP  
Crystal - 12.21 caratsCrystal - 12.21 carats
Crystal - 12.21 Carats
INR 1,525Product Code: GS06AX  
Crystal - 12.50 CaratsCrystal - 12.50 Carats
Crystal - 12.50 Carats
INR 1,563Product Code: GS06L  
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.23 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting - 9.23 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.23 Carats
INR 2,785Product Code: GS06BP  
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.52 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting - 9.52 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.52 Carats
INR 2,865Product Code: GS06BS  
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.54 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting - 9.54 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.54 Carats
INR 2,875Product Code: GS06BT  
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.65 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting - 9.65 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.65 Carats
INR 2,900Product Code: GS06BV  
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.81 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting - 9.81 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.81 Carats
INR 2,945Product Code: GS06BW  
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.83 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting - 9.83 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 9.83 Carats
INR 2,950Product Code: GS06BX  
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 10.15 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting - 10.15 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 10.15 carats
INR 3,045Product Code: GS06EE Origin: India
Crystal 10.20 caratCrystal 10.20 carat
Crystal 10.20 carat
INR 3,060Product Code: GS06EJ Origin: India
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 10.35 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting - 10.35 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 10.35 carats
INR 3,105Product Code: GS06EF Origin: India
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 10.40 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting - 10.40 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 10.40 carats
INR 3,120Product Code: GS06EG Origin: India
Crystal Superfine Cutting  - 10.55 caratsCrystal Superfine Cutting  - 10.55 carats
Crystal Superfine Cutting - 10.55 Carats
INR 3,185Product Code: GS06CA  
Crystal - 148.33 Carats
INR 18,540Product Code: CG39  
Crystal - 113.10 Carats
INR 14,140Product Code: GS06J  
Crystal - 81.87 Carats
INR 10,235Product Code: GS06G  
Crystal - 77.26 Carats
INR 9,660Product Code: GS06R  
Crystal - 12.64 Carats
INR 1,580Product Code: GS06CK  
Crystal - 11.48 Carats
INR 1,435Product Code: GS06CJ  
Crystal - 9.60 Carats
INR 1,200Product Code: GS06BU  
Crystal - 9.54 Carat
INR 1,200Product Code: GS06DO  
Crystal - 9.36 Carats
INR 1,170Product Code: GS06CS  
Crystal - 7.75 Carats
INR 970Product Code: GS06BA  
Crystal - 7.38 Carats
INR 925Product Code: GS06AZ  
Crystal Sphatik - 7.27 Carats
INR 910Product Code: GS06FK Origin: India
Crystal Sphatik - 7.01 Carats
INR 880Product Code: GS06FJ Origin: India
Crystal 7.02 Carat
INR 875Product Code: GS06DT  
Crystal - 6.52 Carats
INR 815Product Code: GS06BO  
Crystal - 6.12 Carats
INR 765Product Code: GS06AV  
Crystal - 6.11 Carats
INR 765Product Code: GS06CP  
Crystal 5.77 Carat
INR 725Product Code: GS06DX  
Crystal - 5.49 Carats
INR 685Product Code: GS06AY  
Crystal - 4.44 Carats
INR 555Product Code: GS06BJ  
Crystal 4.47 Carat
INR 550Product Code: GS06EC  
Crystal Sphatik Stone - 3.80 Carats
INR 475Product Code: GS06EM Origin: India
Crystal - 2.78 Carats
INR 350Product Code: GS06BG  
Crystal - 2.67 Carats
INR 335Product Code: GS06CB  
Crystal - 2.39 Carats - I
INR 300Product Code: GS06CE  
Crystal - 2.39 Carats
INR 300Product Code: GS06CD  


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