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Garland For God (Small)

What is a Deity Garland?

Deity Garland is specifically made to offer the deity idols in puja altar and temple. These garlands are made of real flowers that have to be replaced every day before the flowers begin to perish. We, at Rudra Centre, have a wonderful substitute for these garlands. The Deity Garlands in our collection are made of artificial flowers and beads of different types. It signifies purity and love for God. Offering a garland to the deities is highly auspicious and an important part of any Puja.

What is the material of Deity Garland?

Mainly, Satin flowers in different colours are used to weave the garlands. Other decorative elements and beads are also added to enhance the look of the garland. The fancier garlands have more golden beads and flowers that make them attractive.

Deity Garland Types

Traditional Garlands

Often Traditional Garlands are used for offering to Gods and Goddesses in everyday Puja. Prominently, the orange, yellow and red flowers of Satin are used in making traditional style garlands. They are beautified with golden beads and spacers that give the garlands a decorative touch.

Artificial Flower Garlands

White, pink and red coloured artificial flowers are weaved and different designs are created. These garlands are the perfect substitute for real garlands. Use them in everyday Puja rituals or on special occasions, these garlands will surely add a divine touch. There is a variety of Artificial Flower Mala for God for long term use at Rudra Centre.

Rudraksha Garlands

Rudraksha represents the power of Shiva and a garland of Rudraksha beads is propitious. The garlands are beautifully designed with designer accessories. They can be used in daily Puja rituals and also for religious occasions. Offering such an auspicious garland to the deity idol invokes the presence of God and brings blessings.

Bead Garlands

Garlands made of beads of different sorts are good for special occasions. They have a fancier look and are appropriate for use at festivals and religious ceremonies. The bead garlands are accentuated with diamond-like beads that dangle at the bottom. White beads add magnificence which makes the bead garlands look more royal.

Pure Cotton Garlands

“Vastra” meaning cloth in English is made of cotton for deity idols. Since cotton is pure in nature, Vastra is made from cotton and available in different colours in our collection. On special festivals, the deity idols in the puja altar are decorated with these cotton Vastra. Buying readymade Pure Cotton Garlands or Vastra saves time and effort.

We also have Marigold flowers made of Satin which can replace original flowers for decoration. They can be weaved to make a garland as per your requirement.

Deity Garland Benefits

  • Its strong make ensures durability
  • It is good for using over the long run
  • It quickly adds more definition and beauty to the deity idol or photo frame
  • It is an auspicious offering to the deities
  • It is useful for adorning the deities on different occasions and ceremonies

Uses of Deity Garland

  • The garland is offered to deity idols
  • It is used for decorating deity photo frames
  • It is a beautiful item to decorate the puja altar
  • It is an attractive accessory for deity photos and idols in the temple
  • Loose flowers of Marigold in Satin are great for making Rangoli and decoration
  • The high-quality material used in making the garland allows the user to reuse it for a long time

Where to buy Deity Garlands?

Well-made and beautiful Deity Garlands should be preferably bought from trusted suppliers. There are low-quality garlands available at higher prices in the online and offline markets. It is advised to verify if the seller is genuine and then buy spiritual products. You can get authentic and elegantly designed Deity Garlands at Rudra Centre. Our large variety of garlands gives you a lot of options to choose from.

Why should you buy Deity Garlands from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the top supplier of genuine spiritual products, 100% natural Vedic gemstones and Sacred Rudraksha beads. We believe in providing only the best quality items for offering to God, using in Puja rituals and more. The Deity Garlands collection has graceful pieces for decorating deity idols and puja altars. You can get garlands made of different types of material. Order an Artificial Flower Mala online from us and receive the delivery at your doorstep.

Are these Deity Garlands handmade?

Finely manufactured Deity Garlands/ Small Mala for God can be found in our wide collection. The garlands are woven artistically and have a traditional appeal. Each garland is designed uniquely and made with precision for lasting longer.

Deity Garland Price

Small Garlands for God idols and photo frames have minimal prices in the moderate range. Their rates change depending on the material, size and set of garlands one buys. The quality of beads and artificial flowers used in making the garlands is genuine according to their prices.