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About Deity Idols of Gods and Goddesses

God Idols and Statues for Puja Room

God Idols are mostly a permanent feature in every Puja room or altar of Hindu homes. The deity idols are made of various material out of which clay idols are worshipped too. Clay diety idols are perhaps the form that is a most ancient way of making Deity idols. Christopher John Fuller observed about idol worship of Hindus, and said, “Hindus believe everything is worthy of worship as it contains Divine energy emanating from the one God". The Deity Idols are symbolic representations of Gods and Goddesses, which help devotees to focus on the image and serves as a reminder of the qualities and love of that eternal Divine Being. The clay murtis/idols are also worshipped during special religious festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi wherein Lord Ganesha Idols made of clay are worshipped wholeheartedly, and after a period the idol is ritualistically immersed in the water of sea, pond or river.

The God idols are regularly worshipped by the devotees. On auspicious occasions or religious festival days, the idols are specially adorned with flower garlands, offered naivedyam, and devotees immerse in prayers and Mantra chanting to please the Deity and get desires fulfilled. Clay God/Diety idols have a special significance because it is made of Mother Earth. The hands of the craftsman shape the mud or clay into lifelike God's idols, to grace your puja altar.

Why Keep God Idols of Various Material at Home/Puja Altar

Besides clay Idols, there are idols of Marble/Stone, Silver, Wood, Brass, Copper, Prad(Mercury), and other materials. In recent years during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, eco-friendly Ganesha idols are becoming more popular as it does not pollute the water in which it is immersed. In ancient texts of Hindus, clay idols have been praised as Sattvik(purest), in which the energy of God/Goddess get drawn, as it is the pure earth. Brass Idols are said to attract energies of prosperity and happiness. Similarly, thereis a significance of of other materials too. Very often silver idols of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and Saraswati are specially used for worship during the festival of Diwali. With the passage of time, fibre God and Goddesses idols have also become common in houses. These Idols are washable, which can be easily maintained and are not fragile.

Whatever material it is made of, there are a few ground rules of keeping Idols at home or at Puja Altar:-

1)The idols should not be too big in size, ideally, they should not be more than 3 inches in size, including Shivalingas.
2)The Deity Idols should be installed in a way that you face the East, North-East, or North as they are auspicious directions, while performing Puja.
3)The God Idols should not be kept facing each other in the altar or pooja room.
4)Care should be taken to ensure that the idols are not chipped, cracked, broken, or damaged in any way. Take care of clay God Idols as they are fragile and tend to chip, crack easily.
5)Conducting Pran Prathishta of God idols, by following Vedic rituals should be done before you install the deity idol and start worshipping it. The exception is Shri Shaligram and Shivalinga, which do not require Pran Prathishta.
6)Keeping the idols neat and clean is important. In the case of clay murti, carefully remove dust with a dry clean cloth regularly as washing them may not be possible.

Buy Various God Idols Online at Best Price

Rudra Centre has an extensive collection of perfectly crafted Deity idols, made in clay and other materials including fibre. The Deity idols are available in different sizes, adorned beautifully decorated with jewels and other accessories. Each God and Goddess idol is handcrafted and painted to make them look life-like, with detailed expression and precision of craftsmanship. Our extensive Diety idols collection also includes the most admirable Lord Shiva Mural, Eco-friendly idols, special nine grain Deity idols with beneficial qualities, and other clay God idols. Choose your preference and buy mud idols online with us at the best price in the market. When you place your clay idols order online with us, our efficient services will deliver it to your doorstep within a few days, safely packed.

Clay Idols and Figurines of Hindu Gods and Goddesses with Us

1. The collection of Deity Idols with us can be installed at your home/Puja altar, office, a business place to bring auspicious blessings and serve as auspicious gifts for your loved ones.

2. Clay Idols of Lord Ganesh and other Deity idols, handmade, painted, and decorated with lovely adornments are apt for your Puja altar.

3. Majestic Lord Shiva Mural, handcrafted to perfection, made of C- Forex. This admirable Mural depicts Lord Shiva drinking the Halahala poison; poison that came out of the Samudra Manthan, and would have destroyed the world if Lord Shiva had not drank it. This mural is available with and without a frame, is durable, and easily washable. The Lord Shiva mural is apt for hanging on the wall of your home or workspace.

4. Nine grain idols of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and Goddess Annapurna: The nine grains used are Black Seasame seeds, Bengal Gram, Horse Gram, Green Gram, Rice, White beans, Chic Peas, Black Gram, and Wheat; these grains appease the nine Planets. You may place the idols near the entrance of your home or workspace to usher in blessings of prosperity, abundance. The nine Grain Annapurna idols also are auspicious gifting ideas for your loved ones.

5. Eco-Friendly Lord Ganesha idols which are 100% bio-degradable, comes along with a Puja kit containing all that you need to worship Lord Ganesha at your home, especially during Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

6. Fibre and C- forex idols of Lord Hanuman, Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, Goddess Durga face hanging on the wall, Shiv Parivar, majestic Lord Shiva Idols, etc.

7. Other God idols in Sandalwood, Coconut and other unique materials bring auspicious energies into your home or workplace.