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About Deity lockets (Taweez)

What is Locket

A locket is an ornament made of gold silver or other material which is held in a chain or thread and worn around the neck. The history of lockets has evolved over the time from being worn as an amulet during the Roman times to an openable jewel carrying portraits of the loved ones or perfumed square or small piece of paper with a prayer to a fashion jewel. A Deity locket is a spiritual locket designed as image or emblem of a Deity. It is a token of belief and faith of a person wearing it. Wearing it gives a sense of satisfaction, boosts confidence and strengthens faith of the devotee wearing the Deity locket. Due to their ornamental appeal, they also serve as a great divine gifting idea for near and dear ones especially on festivals, special occasions like birthdays or religious ceremonies.

Symbolism and Benefits of Deity Lockets and Taweez

Deity locket is a matter of faith and devotion, and basically serves as a constant reminder of the Deity. It instils a sense of calmness, peace and assurance in the wearer. Some might also associate it with happiness, prosperity, protection, removal of sufferings as miraculous blessings of the Deity. And when made in metal or gemstone, it also provides the additional benefits of the metal /gemstone. A Deity locket in form of taweez infused with Yantra, mantra or mystical materials is worn as protective charms for divine protection from dangers or negative energies or as good luck charm. It also believed to promote good health, increase confidence, and remove fear, problems and misfortune from their life.

Deity Locket Types

Modern Deity lockets: They are designed as per new trends with either metallic construction or gold or silver stud with diamonds or stones. There are many stylish Deity lockets in market which feature Deity silhouette in modern style, or emblems. These lockets are ideal choice for younger wearers or those who are fond of trendy or unique styles.

Gemstone Lockets: Deity images or symbols are carved on small piece of gemstone beautifully set in gold/silver. They provide additional benefits of the gemstone and also carry astrological significance thus making them ideal for those who want to wear Deity locket for healing benefits or for balancing the effects of astrological planets.

Amulet: Deity lockets can be worn as an amulet for luck, fulfilment of desire and protection. It is a locket with openable feature to fill it with material like Bhasma, or beads carrying mystical properties or paper or metal sheet with print of mantras or Yantra image. A Deity amulet can be customised, you simply need to buy taweez online and then infuse it with mantras or materials as per your choice.

Deity lockets with photos: These are lockets with either photos of Deities embed in resin to make a crystal-clear and colourful Deity locket or an openable locket to place a picture of the Deity inside.

Few FAQs on Deity Lockets

What is the purpose of a locket?

The purpose of wearing a Deity locket is feel closeness with your beloved Deity throughout the day. However, for each individual it can carry a unique significance or meaning. Sometimes it can be worn on suggestion of someone to solve a problem or fulfil a desire.

What does a locket symbolize?

A Deity locket symbolises the faith one hold for His/Her beloved Deity.

Can a man wear a locket? Is there a prohibition or restriction?

Rudra Centre does not suggest any restriction, prohibition or pre-condition but leaves it to the faith and comfort of the wearer as any literature of this subject is not authoritative. Faith in Hinduism is not bound by a scripture, practice or place. It is the faith and devotion of the wearer which of utmost importance.

How do you wear a locket?

A locket is designed to be worn around the neck. In case of a Deity locket, when you are wearing for the first time you can opt to wear it on an auspicious day or day of week dedicated to the Deity. Prevent the pendant form getting wet to help enhance the life of the plating of the locket.

What to put inside a locket?

A locket with openable space can be used to store a picture of Deity or Yantra or prayer or mantra, wish written on a piece of paper and if it is an amulet locket then auspicious materials like Chirmi beads, Yagna Bhasma or paper with mantra, Sholkha or Yantra geometry.

What is the difference between locket and pendant?

These days both terms are used interchangeably but they are different. A locket is an openable piece of ornament with a picture of Deity, self or loved one or piece of scented paper. A pendant is a dangling jewel which is designed in different shape and enriched with stonework. A locket is worn around the neck while pendant can be worn around the neck or attached to a bracelet.

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